Goa Court Absolves Bombay HC Senior Advocate Amit Desai, practicing Criminal Lawyer of False Charges

Mumbai, January 22 2013 – A Sessions Court exonerated Bombay High Court Senior Advocate Amit Desai of misappropriationcharges levelled against him by Advocate Aires Rodrigues relating to a death sentence confirmation case in the High Court of Bombay at Goa. The court ruled that the Senior HC Advocate had fulfilled the terms of the contract between him and the Goa government way back in 2008 and hence there was no incinerating evidence of criminal intent. Advocate Rodrigues had claimed that Senior Advocate Amit Desai had violated the terms of the understanding between him and the Goa government over appearance at the Goa bench of the Bombay High Court. This claim has been refuted by the Additional Sessions Judge atMapusa, due to the presence of substantiating evidence available favouring Advocate Amit Desai as mentioned in the contract.

The Sessions court quashed the motion filed by the complainant due his misinterpretation of the understanding between Adv. Desai and the Goa government which subsequently resulted in incorrect accusations.The court held that his visits to Goa during 2008-09 were a testament to the fact that he had acted in accordance with the terms as stipulated in the contract between him and the Goa government. It further stated that this establishes that Advocate Amit Desai had no intent of fraudulently deceiving the government. The charges brought against him were hence been rejected and do not hold.He never stated that these charges were for specifically appearing in front of the Goa bench of the Bombay High Court. However, there was no attempt at misinformation and no evidence of malice.

The Additional Sessions Judge refused to admit the petition and formally absolved Advocate Amit Desai of the charges further making cogent observations that will dictate future admissions of such cases.