God Exists And God Reveals His Plans For Man Through Man


We all know that Almighty God, Our Father delivered word of the future to His prophets in dreams. The Old testament is filled with these prophecies delivered to the Holy Prophets.

But I am here to tell you that God also delivers the future to the common man too. This is a true store and a part of my life and the Holy Spirit says it needs to be told.

In June of 1976 I graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. I felt like the world was going to be my oyster and I had it made, because companies were screaming for computer people at that time. Simple programmers were being paid 40 to 50 K a year and I had just finished learning the newest of programming languages.

I started hitting all of the major companies in Toronto with my resume, including the various levels of government, looking for an entry level computer position. Over the next 12 months, I must have put out at least 300 resumes to various employers, but each time I did an interview, I got the same nonsensical answer. “Sorry Dave or sorry Mr. Mathews, but we are looking for someone with hands on experience.” To which I would always reply. “How do I get this thing called experience, if I’m fresh out of university and nobody will give me a try.” It was a typical “Catch 22″ and I was going no where.

This one night in February 1977, actually it was Valentine’s Day, before I went to sleep, I prayed to Almighty God and to Jesus. I was so frustrated I was in tears as I prayed. I told God that I needed some kind of a break and if work in my field of training could not be found, I was willing to do any honest work God could find for me, just so that I could have an income.

That night, as I lay sleeping, I started having this dream. I dreamed I was in this truck, and as I drove along the street, I would stop, I would get out, I would do something with some container, and I would get back into the truck and continue down the path. I could see no markings on the truck and I could not understand what it was I was doing each time the truck stopped and I got out, but, for some odd reason, I remembered each and every street sign of the street I was driving on and the various street corners where I stopped. This dream played over in my mind as I slept twice. Even when I finally awoke in the morning, I had no clue what this dream was all about, but I could remember the street signs.

I could also see myself sitting at a table with others in suits, discussing various different topics, unaware of what the topics were concerned with or why I was meeting with these people but I could see that the discussions always involved others or specific situations.

After a day or so, I completely forgot about this dream. Then about 4 weeks later on St. Patrick’s Day I received a phone call from Human Resources at Canada Post, wanting to know if I was still looking for work. The person explained to me that it was not a computers position he was offering me, but a drivers position. As soon as he mentioned $20.00/ hour I jumped at the opportunity.

He asked me to report the following monday morning to take some government civil service qualifications exam. Three days later I was called to report at a transportation depot in the downtown core of Toronto which I did. I met with the Human resources Manager who paired me up with a trainer and he assigned us to this postal truck used to make deliveries and pickups throughout the city.

I was instructed by the trainer to drive off the lot and then he guided me along the street. He had this route map in his hand and directed me to the corner of Richmond and Jarvis in the downtown core. As I made the right turn onto Jarvis, he instructed me to stop. There on the corner was this red box, where people would drop off their mail.

He handed me this key and told me to go to the box, open it, scoop out all the mail into a bag and return to the truck. No problem! We continued driving up Jarvis street and did the same thing with every mail drop box we could see, and as we went along from box to box, that dream returned to me and sure enough, every box at every intersection or side street, was exactly as I had seen in my dream every last one. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I realized what had just taken place. God through a dream had revealed to me his plan for me to find employment, and not just any employment but, employment with the federal government a job with good pay and job security.

Now you remember that I mentioned something about meeting with certain people in suits sitting at a table with them and discussing different things. Well it took a little longer for that part to be fulfilled, but after I was hired on as a full-time driver, two years after being hired on as a temp driver, I became very much involved with the Postal Union and even became a union steward and chief steward as well as a health and safety rep for the union.

Sure enough I found myself sitting down with management dealing with transportation policies, safety issues, grievances, as well as disciplinary issues for my fellow drivers.

I know and I believe that this dream was from God, and that God revealed to me personally a personal revelation regarding my future. I know that every single little detail that was important, I remembered, and I know that everything that I remembered became truth and fact and I lived it and was witness to it.

Although I often feel and believe that I am somewhat like John the Baptist, when the Holy Spirit calls upon me to write one of my articles, I realize that I am no future telling prophet, simply the voice of one crying out in the widerness, “Prepare the way of the Lord.” I serve God as I am asked. Yes I have a univiersity degree, but God says it isn’t necessary to serve Him only a passion for service and a love of God is required.


There is no prayer that God leaves unanswered but we need to have patience to wait on him.