God Heals According To His Holy Will, And Man Takes The Credit

I am not trying to diminish the great strides that the medical profession has made over the thousands of years.

I merely wish to acknowledge the one who is truly doing the healings simple or miraculous as they may be and give proper acknowledgement and thanks to the rightful one Almighty God for His knowledge, wisdom, and expertise in curing my fellow man from all of their ailments, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and even psycologically.

It matters not to God that we as humans claim the credit for everything. That’s the way we think thanks to the liar satan’s constant interference in things. God though is exceptionally pleased when we acknowledge that it is He that created the idea.

Doctors medicine and science may claim all of the recognition, take all the credit, for the great strides that man has made but the truth of the matter is: were it not for God imparting his knowledge and wisdom to these people we would all be still living in caves.

The human body and human mind and human heart, only God truly understands and knows for each and everyone of us. Although we are all created in God’s image, as humans each of us is unique in our creation by our creator.

Truly, over the thousands of years since even before Christ, up to the present day, humanity has grown in leaps and bounds in the fields of Medicine, and pysco-medicine. Mankind has come up with miraculous cures and techniques and medications to help heal and cure so many different things. This is a Lie.

It is a lie that satan the world’s greatest liar has sucked us into accepting and believing, over and over again.

Satan’s downfall was his ego. Satan’s ego was so big, he thought himself equal to or better than God, and he strokes man’s ego with lies every time he possibly can, for ego is powerful. Satan knows that Ego is the one thing that can turn man away from his creator.

Truth be known, Almighty God, being a truly loving God not wanting any of his children to suffer, has provided His knowledge, His Wisdom, His abilities to man to help man care for himself, and satan immediately attacks man’s ego and convinces man that he thought of it all by himself.

Wrong Wrong Wrong! Satan lies. Without God, mankind could not have accomplished any of these things.

Our Heavenly Father God, and, Christ Jesus, perform healings in many different ways. Some we might see as miraculous cures, others we might see as nothing at all. Yet they are Godly cures, just the same. We have simply taken the cure and God for granted.

How dare any man think that the miriacles of medicine and the knowledge of medicine merely fell into his or her lap and they thought up anything without almighty God providing them with all they require to learn or to teach or to do.

The Heavenly "Chief of Medicine" Almighty God is always available for a second consultation should one be required and His diagnosis and His word is the final authority for all medical needs.

JEREMIAH: 17: 14 The prophet cries out to God. "Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed," All Jeremiah had to do was cryout to Almighty God in his pain and God healed.

In MATTHEW: 14: 14 and in LUKE: 4: 40; We’re told that Jesus saw a great multitude of sick and injured, and took compassion on them and healed them all.

History texts and the Bible tell us that Luke the Apostle was a physician, in the time of Jesus. Who taught him how to heal, what to do, if not God?

A child falls and scrapes its knee or its elbow. Mommy or Daddy give the child a kiss and a hug wash the wound and put a bandaide on it. In moments the pain subsides, and in a few days the sore is gone. We have to ask ourselves, who taught the parent how to treat the child’s wound. Some might say it was learned from past experiences in the parents life and that would be correct, but God originally taught an adult or a doctor to do this and then later it was passed on to others.

You get a headache, so you go to your medicine cabinet or maybe your purse and you get some Aspirin or some Tylenol or maybe you simply give the sore area a rub, and after a while, after the medication, or the rub, the pain starts to go away. Who taught you to rub the area to ease the pain or help it to go away? Who taught you to take that pill to help ease the pain? Who created that pill you took? How is it that the medication knows just where to go to help you. The answer is Almighty God.

You get a toothache and run to your dentist. Maybe the dentist fills a cavity, maybe he has to do a root-canal, maybe the tooth has to come out. Who taught the dentist or dental surgeon how and what to do to make things better, OK maybe not so much better once you get the bill, but even that’s better than the suffering you had.

You’re playing some sport and you get a fracture, some doctor resets the bones and the bones in time mend. Your good as new after a few weeks. Who taught the doctor to do that, who or what caused the broken bones to mend?

You’re in some bar, or maybe a bank and you get shot by some fool with a gun. Fortunately all of your vital organs wer missed and you end up with a hole in you. How do you suppose that bullet got deflected and missed every organ? A "Miracle" maybe?

You take a heart attack or a stroke. For all intents and purposes, when EMTs arrive, you are dead, but miraculously with their skills and the life giving drugs they carry, you are brought back to life. How did that happen.

Your family doctor diagnoses you with cancer of something or other, and you’re scheduled for surgery. The surgeon takes a second set of tests, or xrays, or whatever, just before your surgery, and by some miracle the cancer is fully gone and your healthy again. Was it some goof up by your family doctor? No because he had his work double checked by a specialist. So did both your doctor and the specialist screwup. Probably not but you’re healthy again.

Maybe you do have some form of cancer, but with specialized treatments, medicines, diets, etc. thanks to Almighty God and His knowledge and teachings, you can be cured, not through anything man could come up with but through Almighty God’s knowledge and desire to heal us from our ailments so that we can enjoy life.

Maybe you suffer from some psycological disorder and pharmacutical drugs seem to help keep you in balance. Who taught the doctor what medicine to suggest? Who taught the drug company how to manufacture such a drug, with all of its complexities and side-effects etc. God shared His knowledge with man, otherwise man couldn’t created such medicines on his own.

Who taught the psycologist to sit there, listen to you talk about this and that, and then figure out what may help you to feel better? God was doing this for us eons ago only we gave Him no credit for helping us. We would talk to God and in time we got better, so we told ourselves time heals all, giving no credit to the creator of time, or our true healer, God.

As simple mortal humans, how dare we to presume that the knowledge we have, just sort of dropped out of the blue from nowhere, when in fact they came from God.