God Is A Farmer, Learning Farming From God

We are going to take a serious look at the parables Jesus tells in MATTHEW: 13: 1-33;

But I choose to view them in a plain and simplistic way. I suggest you take a look at the scriptures in question as I am not going to quote verse by verse.

And lets just see how these parables might actually work their way into our lives, not just as Christians, but more importantly as Godly spirits living in our humanness.

My way of thinking in this article is "Logical" but I don’t know if one could consider it "Theo-Logical" it is simply my way of viewing my creator in a simplistic way of viewing God.

What would you say if I told you that Almighty God, Our Father, was really a "Farmer and a Rancher", a farmer with a multitude of various types of crops, crops that ranged from wheat and grains, to fruits, berries, and grapes and olives, to shrimp, and, trout, and salmon, to sheep, and cattle and pigs?

Even us, we began as spiritual beings, spiritual seeds if you will transplanted into human form and nurtured so that we would grow and learn and become that which God desires for us in our lives. Each day is a growing up and a learning process to learn how to be spiritually the kind of spirit God wants us to be.

What would you say if I told you that in esscence we, all of us in the human race are in our own different little ways, "Farmers" of a sort too?

We teach we plant and grow up seeds we tend the plants as they growup and we harvest when they are grown.

In the old testament God teaches man the importance of planting, nurishing, nurturing, watering and harvesting. Jesus in the New Testament Gospels re-enforces the importance again and again through his parables, the importance of being a good farmer and the bounty of the harvest.

If it can be sown as a seed, or re-planted, grown or raised up from seed or egg, harvested from the land, on the land or from the seas, Almighty God, Our Father grows it up and supplies it for our needs.

Even the fish of the lakes and seas, come from a seed. The fowl we eat, chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, all grow up from a seed, an egg. Every animal walking the earth started from a seed. Almighty God is the greatest seed sower this world or any other world will ever know.

But it goes much further than that. Almighty God, being as smart as He is, realized that if he simply gave this harvest to us when we became hungry, we would become gluttonous and lazy good for nothings, so he decided to not just share the bounty of the harvest with man.

But He being a God of Love would give to man enough of his knowledge, his wisdom, his skills, his patience, his love and teach man how to do these things for himself.

We are all created in the image of God, no God does not have a trillion different faces. God is "Spirit" and every man, woman, and child, is a spiritual being. Therefore when we see ourselves with the eyes of our spirit, we look just like God. It’s like looking into a spiritual mirror.

Now I’m not saying that we are God, far from it and quite frankly, personally I would never ever wish or want to be God ever. There’s just far too much responsibility in being Him.

I am happy just to be God-like a spiritual being created in God’s own image, and it is an honor and a priviledge for me to have just a teeny weeny portion of God within me.

The first steps of any good farmer is clearing the land of anything unwanted, and seeding.

We each one of us begin as a seed, a seed that God plants. As a seed we begin to germinate within the womb of our mother. With nourishnent and nurturing we become seedlings tiny little plants ready to be transplanted outside the womb.

God breathed life into me. Therefore, I am, and I am unique in my fleshly appearance. There is no other human walking the face of this earth with my exact looks, or attitude, or views on life, or love of my creator, God.

There is none other who sees how I see, or hears what I hear, thinks or feels as I think and feel. I am, in my fleshly state of being human, uniquely one of a kind, but spiritually I am like any other spirit created in the image of God.

After God breathed life into me, maybe even before He did so, God began to water and nurture me. I began to acquiring knowledge, which is nothing more than Almighty God caring for his seedlings, which just happens to be the second step of any good farmer.

After nine months in the womb, the seedling is ready to be transplanted into the fields. No longer a seed, the seedling is hopefully ready to face nature outside, and with the proper nourishment and nurturing and caring for, it will grow strong and hardy and God-fearing.

The growing period begins with God infusing each and every seedling plant with the necessary nutrients for it to grow up right. This is done by God supplying each of us with the necessary knowledge we will require throughout our growing to become the person/plant that God has chosen for us.

Knowledge though, without training, and experience, is worth nothing, and knowledge with training and experience, but without wisdom how to best apply or use it is still worth nothing.

In other words you could have all of the tools, and, all of the equipment, and all of the parts required to assemble the world’s best most efficient automobile, but without the blueprints and the knowledge of how to read and follow the blueprints and understand and recognize each part, you’ve got a big pile of nothing.

Knowledge is like a ray of light from the sun. Growth is limited. Knowledge and skill and wisdom is like the sun beaming down in the middle of summer on a cloudless day. Growth is unmeasurable.

As we continue to grow, God continues to supply us with His knowledge, so that we can learn all that we need to learn, to apply God’s wisdom enabling us to put that acquired knowledge to good use, to a Godly use, which enables us to go to school, to pass tests, to apply skills in sports and other areas.

As we are going through our beginning growing stages, God also offers to us the opportunity to know and learn about Him personally, and to grow close to Him if we so choose to do so. Even if at that time, as a seedling, we choose not to, God still permits us to learn all that we need to learn to grow up strong and healthy.

God being God realizes that whether we permit God into our life right away, or whether we maybe welcome Him into our life later, or even if we refuse to acknowledge God ever, that God being God has no other option but to love us, and since He loves us, God will not deny any human that which is necessary for us to be productive in life.

God continually nurtures us by supplies us with any and all knowledge that we require and need. Along with that knowledge, God continually provides us with the necessary skills and wisdom, for us to grow up to be the very best crop that can be harvested, and the harvesting begins, as we begin to apply it all as doctors, or lawyers, or mechanics, or electricians, or musicians, or artists, even as priests, or pastors.

Whatever we become throughout our lives as humans is God’s harvest of His farming efforts of seeding, nurturing, watering, replanting, patience and love. Without God, without God’s love, without God’s willingness to share, without His compassion, man would have no purpose, no reason to exist, and, no right to exist.

And as a Christian I am a spiritual being born again through the cleansing blood of Christ Jesus. I have chosen to follow in his steps and to serve Almighty God, as His child, His servant, and as His adoptive heir. As God’s servant, I will do without question as requested, and I will continually stand in opposition to the devil and all who choose to follow that evil one.

Furthermore, as a Christian, and a Child of Almighty God my Father, I have an obligation a duty to do the same as my Father and sow the seeds of God, sharing God, planting God into the hearts of others, nurturing thos seeds with God’s Holy Word, helping them to grow up as God wills for them.