God Speaks With Mankind

God Speaks with mankind:

For true Born Again Christian believers, followers of Jesus Christ, this may be something you already know, OR, maybe you haven’t really given it much thought at all. You know where you fit in to the picture.

For those who maybe have never picked up this book called the Holy Bible to read it, or, to learn from it, and, for those who have at least heard of it but never given any consideration to what it is or what it is all about, we are going to do this now.

The whole of this book we are going to take a look at, is referred to as "The Holy Bible".

The Bible for all intents and purposes is one big book first broken down into two distinct divisions commonly referred to as the "Old Testament and the New Testament" The very first ever printed edition of the Holy Bible was assembled and printed by Johannes Gutenberg in about the year 1452 to 53.

The Bible is comprised of 66 individual seperate smaller books, 39 books in the Old Testament, and 27 books in the New Testament.

Before we can establish whether or not this book has any significant value that we might be able to glean from it, we need to ask our selves how we are going to view it.

Are these writings in this book merely quaint stories, folklore, OR, are these writings infact, historically documented facts and God’s knowledge, wisdom, and truths provided by Almighty God Himself as teaching aids for us to better know God, and for us to through the knowledge provided, better our lives by living according to the teachings in it.

If we claim this book referred to as The Holy Bible to be merely folklore, stories handed down from one generation to another, then some of what is written, may be truth, or, half-truths but then one cannot claim it as being "God’s Holy Word".

If folklore then the Hebrew’s Torah, the Bible of the Jewish people, along with the books of the kings and the prophets of the Old Testament becomes tales as does the New Testament consisting of the 4 Gospel writings of Jesus from his birth to ascension, along with the Epistles from Acts to Jude and the book By John know as the book of Revelation.

To see the Bible in this light, makes the book worthless for our slavation and learning. Our spiritual restoration with Almighty God becomes a joke a pipe-dream which makes God a liar and the story of Jesus, His miracles, His death and resurrection, His Ascension and the Holy spirit merely a sick joke and a waste of Christian believers time and energies. If the Holy Bible is not truly the words of Almighty God recorded by man, it is a lie, Jesus if he died had no real reason for dying and his resurrection and ascension merely a folklore tale.


on the other hand, and yes there is another hand, as there is always two sides to every story.

If we claim and believe that this book and all of its writings is truly the Holy Word of Almighty God, spoken by God Himself, inspired by God’s Holy Spirit merely written by the hands of mankind, then we MUST accept the Holy Bible as a factual, historically proven text book of God’s truth.

It then becomes the Holy Words of Almighty God, historically proven and documented proof of mankind’s historical past, as well as the God prophesied recordings for our future.

If indeed we believe through scrutiny and through our faith that this work of books known as the Holy Bible is God’s Truth, God’s words recorded by God through man, only then can we acknowledge it as such, treating it as facts from God either historical or prophetic in each and every writing, assembled by God to teach us, guide us, and help us throughout every aspect of our lives, be they everyday mundane lives or filled with tests and pitfalls.

We can turn to the Holy Bible itself to establish its authenticity.

II TIMOTHY: 3: 16-17; The Apostle Paul, a leader of the Pharisees led the Pharisees against Jesus to get Jesus Crucified, and against Christianity, in the time of Jesus who was one of Jesus strongest critics, who actually hunted and killed many Christian followers tells us in his Epistle to Timothy after he himself through Jesus and the Holy Spirit miraculously becomes a "Christian Convert":?

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for (doctorine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction, in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works."

The very fact that the leader of the Pharisees, a persecutor of the Jewish followers of Jesus, who hunted and killed any thought to be followers of Jesus and of the newly started "Christian followers" would make a 180 degree about turn and become the number one advocate for Jesus and Christianity, is a true "Miracle" and proof positive of the authenticity of this book.

Paul head of the Pharisees, the person writing this was the strongest persecutor of Jesus and the Christians, thus his stating this lends total credibility to the texts of the Holy Bible. Paul goes on in the fourth chapter to instruct not just Timothy but all who read: "I charge thee therefore before God and The Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; Preach the word.

The Old Testament begins with The Torah, the first (5) books. These five books make up the Jewish Torah or Jewish Bible if you will. In these books we can find, The story of creation as well as God’s liberation of His people, his laws and the beginning of his covenants with mankind. We can witness God’s anger over corruption, with Noah. We can discover God creating kingdom after kingdom, as we study hisorical proofs of the various kings in the Bible. We can visit God’s judges as they lay out God’s laws, and listen to God’s prophets teaching us about what has passed and what has yet to come in our lives.

Since we can establish through proven historical documentation that the stories recorded are real, and, since one of the most powerful persecutors of the First Century Christians, Paul formerly Saul, himself makes an about face on his stand and becomes one of if not thee most powerful advocates for Christianity, we can now state categorically that the Holy Bible is without question the "Word of God" setting it up as the strongest authority proving that God is real, Jesus is real, the Holy Spirit is real and that indeed Jesus, the Son of God, came to earth, as man, was crucified, and then resurrected by God, offering himself as the perfect one time sacrifice for the remission of all the sins of mankind, and that one day we will join Jesus and God in the heavens, joint heirs with Jesus in the heavens and share in Jesus glory.

In conclusion historical documentation combined with the fact that there is a first hand witness through Saul/Paul the Apostle who started out persecuting and killing the Christian followers, becomes the strongest advocates for Christianity proves the Holy Bible as the Workings of God himself and not some cheap novel or kid’s story book it is in fact the Word of God, spoken by God, recorded in man’s hand.

Out of his love for His children, Almighty God provided His knowledge and His wisdom in a book known as the Holy Bible to assist man through life, if only man will choose to use it and trust God for His perfect guidance through life.