God Teaches Us We Are Never Alone


Did you know that Almighty God is a big music lover? So is Jesus and The Holy Spirit. You can feel the room begin to really “Rock” when the Holy Spirit gets going with a song. And why should this not be so or seem strange since God is also the author of every song and the creator of every sound in a song.

As a Chorister, a singer of Holy, Spiritual music for my God, I have learned over the past 50 years of practice, and performing music, to bring the ultimate in praise and glory from my heart and my spirit, and to incorporate the written words of the Holy Bible into spoken words, joined to special vocal sounds to make up what is called music.

I can not read a single note of music, more specifically I can not remember how to read music because of some phsycological trauma early in my life which erased it from my memory, but I have been especially gifted with the ability to sing by ear. In other words if I hear it I can sing it.

To date I have had to memorize over fifteen hundred different songs, in English,French,Italian, German,Spanish,and Latin with the proper diction to accompany the lyrics and music, in as many a variations of tempo and emotion as music can create. The most painful part of music comes in expressing the emotions within the music as the composer intends.

It is not merely making a noise that sounds nice, it is the pouring out of one’s spirit into both musical notes and words, so that even if whispered, the text and musical notes or sounds can be completely audible and totally understood, at the throne of God.

There is one particular song that is my favourite song, hymn. It was originally created for a broadway musical called “CAROUSEL” and was composed by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein.

The one thing that makes this song special, especially for me, is the fact that, I cannot sing and complete this song, without breaking into tears before the finish of it. The music and lyrics are so emotionally powerfuI that no matter how hard I try, and I’ve sung the song at least a thousand times, I struggle and fight my emotions to complete it. It has absolutely nothing to do with the show it came from, simply God’s reminder to me, that no matter what my situation, God is there with me, and if I fall He will pick me up and carry me if need be.


If you’ve never heard it before, the lyrics go like this.


When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high, and don’t be afraid of the dark. At the end of the storm is a golden sky, and the sweet simple song of a lark. Walk on through the wind. Walk on through the rain, though your dreams be tossed and blown. Walk on! Walk on! with hope in your heart, and you’ll never walk alone, you’ll never walk alone. Walk on! Walk on with hope in your heart, and you’ll never walk alone, you’ll never walk alone.

No, I am not attaching a series of Biblical Quotes to this article. For once, this is me writing from God for me to express myself and my passion and love for music. People have said to me that when you sing praising God, you pray twice. I haven’t got a clue what it means. All I know is that when I sing for God, I must put all of my heart and soul and voice into it so that I do not disappoint The God who gave me the skills and desire, and the voice. I must glorify my benefactor and creator, by giving the best I can offer, just like the “Little drummer boy” in the Christmas Carol.