God Warns Us Constantly About Impending Disasters Are We Listening?

Throughout the eons of time, God has given warnings to mankind of either imminent dangers, or his wrath for not obeying Him.

GENESIS Chapters 2 and 3; After the creation of earth and Adam and Eve, God gives his first rule for man. Avoid eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, warning that if they did not they would surely die, not a physical death, but a spiritual death. Eve was tricked by satan into disobedience and she tricked Adam, and both became spiritually dead to God.

Also in the book of GENESIS, Chapters 6,7,8.

God appears as a vengeful God, as he repeatedly sends out warnings of his displeasure, in the way the people were behaving, God hates sin and disobedience, he even goes as far as to, through Noah, warn the people that He plans to destroy all the inhabitant through a massive flood, but the people simply laugh at Noah, mock him for his idiot looking boat he was building on dry land.

Sure enough, as soon as the Ark was finished and Hoah’s family had rounded up all of the various animals and loaded them and themselves onboard, It starts raining until the whole world was flooded killing off all but Noah, his family and the animals which floated away.

In GENESIS 19: God shows his hatred and displeasure for sin again as he destroys Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and when Lot’s wife fails to obey God’s instructions to not look back,and looks back she is turned into a pillar of salt.

In the book of EXODUS Chapters 6 to 11

Almighty God chooses Moses as the one to be instumental in the freeing of the Hebrews in the land of Egypt. Ten times Moses is sent to the House of Pharoh to demand the freedom of the Hebrews, each time as Pharoh refuses a plague is visited upon Egypt. The tenth plague, is one named by Pharoh himself as he orders the first born of Israel murdered during the night, but God turns things around and it becomes the first born of Egypt that are killed, thus instituting the "First Passover" as the hand of death passed over the Hebrews.

Almighty God is forever giving man warnings of impending dangers, even His impending Armageddon and the Great Apocolypse which the Apostle John Records in the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Holy Bible.

I am reminded of one such reminder through a story told me several years ago.

A man in Oklahoma, awakens and as he is readying himself for work shaving, he’s listening to his television, and he hears this weather warning report of the possibility of a tornado happening in his area sometime during the day.

He looks out his bathroom window and the sky is clear and sunny, so he ignores the warning. As he’s walking to work, he meets up with one of his co-workers who also mentions to him the possibility of a tornado. They both observe the clear sky and the man still ignores the possibility. As they get to town, they pass this appliance store with ten TVs in the front window and on each set was a storm warning of a possible tornado sometime during the day, still he would not believe it because the skies were clear, there wasn’t a cloud to be seen.

At about five-O’clock as he was heading home, all of a sudden the sky blackens, hail as big as golf balls begin falling and suddenly right infront of him a funnel cloud touches down sweeping him up and killing him.

The man gets to heaven and he’s talking with God and he asks God, why God didn’t do anything to prevent him from dying. God answers him, "What do you mean why didn’t I warn you my child?"

"Did you not hear the report on your television this morning? When you were walking to work did you not hear your friend tell you about the possibility of a storm? When you passed the appliance store with the ten TVs did you not see that each TV was reporting this possibility of a Tornado? How can you ask me why I did not warn you? Why wouldn’t you heed my warnings to you that I gave.

Today we are witnessing and have already been witness to some of the predictions fore-told in the book of Revelation, and the loosing of the seals. We can never and will never know the day when Our Father God will give Jesus the right to return to Earth to reclaim it back from the proince of darkness satan but we know that it will come. As Christians we must all do our part to ensure that Jesus instructions to Baptize and spread His Gospel is fulfilled, while at the same time ensure that through Jesus, we remain strong in our belief in Him and His spiritual saving powers through his death and resurrection so that we do not fall prey to satan and his trickery. Our bodies may perish, but our spirit is what satan seeks and must be guarded at all costs……………………….AMEN