God’s Seven Special Gift To All Mankind

As Christians, born again cleansed and baptized in the blood of Christ Jesus, the very moment the instant the Holy Spirit enters into us, He delivers from Almighty God our Father, 7 Holy Precious Gifts . Not only are these gifts precious and priceless, but they are gifts which if used properly correctly will benefit us a lifetime and can benefit others too.


These 7 Gifts cannot be applied or used though by themselves. They must work in tandem, or in concert, one with the other, in order to create God’s very best in us and for us. No one gift can stand alone to work within us or to help us.


Think of them as parts of a choir, you have a conductor, a piano or organ accompanyist or an orchestra with its varied instrumental voices, and then you have the choir itself consisting of 1st. and 2nd. Sopranos, 1st. and 2nd. Altos, 1st. and 2nd. Tenors, Baritones, and Basses.


One cannot function properly, without the other, and great music cannot be performed, without all parts being on the same page and working together in concert with each other.





This is the first gift given to man, and as we all know knowledge can be either for good or for evil. This was made evident to us as Christians, in Genesis the book of "Creation" the first book of the Holy Bible. God places the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil" in the Garden of Eden.



It depends upon how we receive it and for what purpose we intend it. Used to do harm to another it can devestate that person or it can backfire and devestate our own lives.
You could have all of the knowledge of our universe inside your mind, but what would it serve if you didn’t know how to put it to good use to benefit yourself or others.
Much like the conductor of the choir, who can stand there waving his wand and his hands, without the knowledge of the musical notes the musical intonations and the lyrics and the people to perform, the conductor is meaningless.









This is the second of Our Father’s gifts to us. We could have all of the knowledge of the universe stored up within us, but if we know not how to use it and use it wisely for our benefit as well as the benefit of others, what good at all is all that knowledge. Wisdom helps to combine the knowledge and the understanding of that knowledge and how it should be applied to derive the very best results.





This is the third gift given. Without understanding, the knowledge imparted is useless for we lack the wherewithall to put the knowledge given to good use to serve our needs and to please God in the process.





The fourth gift is extremely important, for with fortitude from God we are given the strength we require morally, spiritually, mentally, as well as physically to use the knowledge in order to perform many different task throughout our lives asked us by God whether it be hard labor, or teaching others, or going off to war, maybe it’s being a heart surgeon or a cancer specialist, whatever task God asks of us, God has provided the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, and now provides the fortitude to carry it out to a satisfactory completion that which He asks of us as we apply our gifts. Strength, tenacity, dedication, determination, these are all a part of "Fortitude" as well as others.




This is the fifth gift, Meaning Devotion we must devote our time and our energy and our knowledge toward our betterment and whenever possible toward the betterment of our fellow man to serve with devotion to whatever calling God has called us to. If one is given the knowledge and skills of a heart surgeon, one does not spend their life fishing or farming, but applies thos skills to help others and devotes their knowledge and skills to that end.



is the sixth gift. It makes sense that since God is the giver of our gifts, if we serve to abuse these gifts and use them to harm others God could withdraw them from us and why not since he is the giver, and they are meant for goodness to bring glory to God. Yes we fear God’s ability to withdraw our gifts if we misuse them and we should also fear displeasing God by refusing to listen, or refusing His help when God feels it necessary to intervene.



This is the seventh of the seven gifts. If we fail to ask God’s Holy counsel before we apply any of the gifts to our lives, or to benefit others, and we are wrong, naturally there will be consequences to pay for the misusage of them. This is why it is always best to check with our Father to ensure that it is within His will that we do whatever we plan to do, and remember that sometimes His answer could be a big "NO".

God’s answer usually is "YES" but he might suggest a better or different way of dealing with something and it is always wise counsel to listen to Him and do things His way. "YES" may mean a more difficult route to take, but God will be with you every step of the way and if you stumble or fall, He will be there for you.


As Christians we have a solemn obligation to use God’s Gifts according to His will to serve God in the best way possible, with full knowldege that God Himself is by our side and there to help us every step of every day as we walk our walk of faith and devotion with Him.