Goin’ South: A Review Of Richmond, Virginia


One of my brothers lives and works in beautiful, small town, Richmond, Virginia. I absolutely love Richmond! Originally a Georgia peach, Richmond reminds me so much of Georgia.  Like Georgia, Richmond is beautiful, quiet, relaxing and peaceful.  I visit my brother as often as possible.  Recently, my mom and I went on a road trip to visit my brother in Richmond, Virginia.


We had a terrific time! Richmond is only a two hour drive from Washington, DC.  We left home around nine o’ clock in the morning and arrived in Richmond by eleven thirty.  I was surprised and thankful that our journey was traffic-free.  While this is certainly a blessing at anytime, it is a particular blessing when one is traveling on a weekend.  I was also very happy that we experienced good weather during our trip!


I was so glad that we arrived shortly before lunch time.  We ate lunch at, “Kuba Kuba.” A very popular local attraction, “Kuba Kuba” specializes in serving authentic Cuban cuisine.  For lunch, my brother had a Cuban Turkey Sandwich served with plantains. My mom had a House Salad and a delicious Cuban Sandwich.  I enjoyed Cuban style pork, served with a side order of black beans and plantains.  For dessert, we split Flan, a traditional Cuban treat.  For those of you who have never tried flan, I think Flan is very similar to Crème Brule.


In particular, I loved the people in Richmond!  The people were very kind and thoughtful toward me.  They spoke to me when I talked with them.  Strangers were chivalrous and held doors open for me.  At the restaurant where we ate lunch, a man and his date moved to another table so that a table was accessible to me.  Being in an electric wheelchair, accessibility can sometimes be a challenge.  I found the thoughtfulness of the people of Richmond to be quite an uplifting and refreshing change of pace.  The positive attitude of the people in Richmond was so different from the selfishness that has become far too common in my area. My experience in Richmond not only made realize the cultural differences of the South, but I was very homesick for Georgia as well.


Are you looking for a quiet, relaxing, destination for your next daytrip? Richmond, Virginia could be just for you! Richmond offers visitors small town solitude at a short distance.  The people are hospitable and the attractions are reasonably priced.   What are you waiting for? Richmond, Virginia is waiting for you!