Going gaga over slum dog millioniare

Slum dog millioniare  has taken the whole world by storm . Indians go gaga over it . They are happy that a picture about them i s  nominated  for the oscar .

Whie I am happy that our Rehman has won the golden award but I feel sad that we have not got over our colonial hangover . While I have not watched the mivies but I have read so many reviews I feel that I am competent to write this article . I feel sad that we are becoming famous due to our slums .

I agree that India is a developing country. In India we have slums and poverty, but this blantant display of it ,leaves an ugly taste in my mouth. India can be potrayed as a land of culture and as a land of the soul . I peersonally feel that it is akin to show our guest  over poverty. Indians has a tradition to show the best display to our guests .  I also feel that more westeners will feel that India is aland of slums and nothing else and I feel that there is nothing to go gaga over this movie.