Good step to veto against Anglo-American by Russia & China:Bhim

 Jammu, February 06 (Scoop News) – Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party and Chairman, Indo-Arab Solidarity Council, known as one of the foremost friend of the Arab World today congratulated the Russian and Chinese leadership for taking highly desirable step to veto the authoritarian and mala fide resolution meant to interfere in the internal and the domestic affairs of a sovereign country, Syria.

   In a statement  the Panthers Supremo known for his friendship with President, Saddam Hussein and Palestinian Hero, Yasir Arafat reminded the peace-loving people in the world and particularly the leadership in the third world that Anglo-American Bloc though lost its colonial control of nearly 2/3rd of the world yet their colonial temperament has not changed at all. He pointed out that it was Anglo-American Bloc which planted Israel in the heart of the Middle-East that too in Palestine. Nearly four million Palestinians have been reduced to serfdom under Zionist State. What happened to the resolutions of the United Nations and the Security Council asking Israel to vacate the Arab Territories
including entire Palestine and Golan Heights in Syria? Was not that massacre of Human Rights enshrined in the Charter of United Nations?
The US with the criminal intent joined by the European countries invaded Iraq and destroyed one of the greatest civilizations of the world without UN authority massacring thousands of innocent children, women and old. Even hanged publicly the President of Iraq in a farcical trial and many others. Was not that massacre of human rights?


    Prof. Bhim Singh accused Anglo-American Bloc for killing half a million civilians in Yugoslavia by illegal bombing only because they did not like President Slobodan Milosevic to head the government of Yugoslavia. The recent massacre of thousands of people by the US Drones in Libya is a living example of human slaughter by the US-led NATO in the 21st century. Was that not repetition of the brutal massacre committed against the Indians in South America by the migrants of United Kingdom?


    The Panthers Party Chief warned the world leaders of the dangerous conspiracy hatched by the White House (USA) and the White Hall (England) to take over physical control of the Arabian oils, strategic lands and seas besides establishing monopoly over the Indian market.

Anglo-American Bloc played a fraud and managed Russian leadership to demolish the USSR and isolate China. The so-called Cold War era ended only to help establish the colonial empire of the Anglo-American Bloc. Countries like India and Pakistan have been made as weapon dumping space for their weapons. Almost entire Arab World has been taken over as a neo-colony of the Anglo-American Bloc. President Saddam Hussein,
President Yasir Arafat of Palestine, Libyan Leader, Col. Muammar Gaddafi who refused to surrender to the US interest were liquidated under one excuse or the other.


    It was Syria which refused to surrender to the US dictates. Syria refused to surrender Golan Heights to Israel, a US tool in the Middle-East. Egyptian leadership was demolished last year in the name of democracy. Sudan has been sliced. It was only Syria which showed its authority to uphold its sovereignty and independence. The US attempt to demolish another great civilization, Syria is being witnessed by the world over. With the demolition of Syrian sovereignty Israel shall be made the super boss of the entire Arabian Peninsula which remained under the control of Turkmen Empire for centuries.


    Prof. Bhim Singh an expert on the Arab Affairs who travelled all over the world for five years expressed a great hope in the revival of Sino-Russian unity which is essential for the survival of the Afro-Asian World.


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