Greek linguistics:Macedonian language is Bulgarian-Serbian

The problem for the name clouded the language issue between Athens and Skopje, said George Baniniotis, Greek linguist and former Minister of Education, writes Macedonian "Utrinski Vesnik".

In a public lecture at the University of Melbourne Baniniotis emphasized that the ancient Macedonian language was a Greek dialect. Banionitis  called the Macedonian language "Bulgarian-Serbian".

"We respect the language, history and traditions of the people in the neighboring country. However, the term "Macedonian", which they use in their language causes confusion and is historically and culturally unacceptable, "said Baniniotis.


He also referred to the study done in the early 20th century by German linguists, which showed that there are 250 words, mostly names from the time of Homer and Herodotus, who are of Macedonian origin.