GroundReport Raises the Bar for Citizen Journalism Standards

A lot has happened both in the political world and here at GroundReport since our last update. 


As Iran shut its doors to foreign press, citizens became reporters.  On GroundReport, Iranian contributors are showing the world through articles, photos and tweets what’s really happening on the ground.


With Iran, citizen journalism reached its tipping point. Now comes the hard part: how to separate the rumor from the fact?


Now our big news.


In response to the explosion of grassroots reporting, GroundReport is raising the bar with the highest standards in citizen journalism. 


For our contributors, reporting on is still simple.  And you still receive a revenue share for your work. It’s what happens next that’s different.


From now on, every news item submitted to GroundReport must be approved by our Editorial Team prior to publication. GroundReport’s Editorial Team is a mix of staff editors and qualified members of our community.


After you publish, your work will wait in a submissions queue until our team checks and approves it

The exception? Contributors with proven, internal fact-checking policies are added to our Pro List and get instant publication each time. 

Bottom line: Every news item on GroundReport will be credible and trusted. 


This is radical for the citizen journalism space, but we think it’s long overdue. Learn more about our editorial process here.


In line with this change, we’re excited to announce that GroundReport is now officially syndicating news to Huffington Post and Newstex partners.


There’s more news to come.  Stay in the loop by following GroundReport on Twitter and becoming a fan on Facebook.


Video Interview: I explain the changes on PBS MediaShift. Watch the video here to learn why we made the change.