Guardians of Rescue Designate National Feral Cat Caretaker Day, Offer Lunch with Santa

 The Guardians of Rescue have designated December 23rd as “National Feral Cat Caretaker Day,” and will be offering caretakers a free buffet lunch at Grady Animal Hospital.

Guardians of Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping animals, has announced December 23rd as the official “National Feral Cat Caretaker Day.” The day has been designated in honor of the many people that dedicate their lives to the estimated 70 million homeless, free roaming cats throughout the world. In an effort to honor all local feral cat caretakers, Guardians of Rescue invites them to enjoy a free buffet lunch with Santa at the Grady Animal Hospital.

“There are so many feral cats in our society and many people find them to be a nuisance,” explains Robert Misseri, president of Guardians of Rescue. “But we have some people who are dedicated caretakers of these animals. We would like to raise awareness about the great work they are doing and give back to them with a free lunch.”

Feral cat caretakers routinely trap, house, feed, neuter, and oversee the safety and security of the animals. Their compassion, which is at times met with ridicule from the public, leads many of them to go out during the night, even with it cold and dark, so that they can help the animals without confrontation.

“We have a wonderful group of caretakers in this area who make a real difference in the lives on these animals,” added Misseri. “It’s like Gandhi said: the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.”

The free hot buffet lunch for all feral cat caretakers will be held with Dr. Mark Caporaso and his team at the Grady Animal Hospital of Sayville. The Guardians of Rescue will be on hand to distribute free pet food and provide feral cat housing. Santa Claus will also be there, taking pictures with the pets.

Grady Animal Hospital is located at 465 North Main Street, Sayville, NY 11782. For more information go to our website at

About Guardians of Rescue:

The mission of Guardians of Rescue is to facilitate and foster programs and activities that further the unique benefits of interaction between people and animals. We are all about compassionate action, about People Helping Animals and Animals Helping People. At its core, we are an animal rights and welfare organization whose members work to protect the wellbeing of all animals and their owners, and come to the aid of those in distress.