Happy Easter, Happy Resurrection Day


Incase you are wondering whether wishing someone a Happy Easter is religiously and scripturally proper and correct it definitely is. You can witness the scriptural proof at: ACTS:12:4

I offer the Best of Wishes Of A Happy Easter, A Happy Resurrection Day To My Fellow Christians.

The Crucifixion and Death and Resurrection of My Lord Jesus Christ is both a sad, and a joyous reminder to all, who believe, as well as all who sincerely seek to know Almighty God and to know “God’s Truth”. Sadly, Our Loving Father God, who desires to love mankind and be loved by all mankind willingly, sacrificed to death on the cross, His Only Begotten Son Jesus, “The Christ”.

Faithful to the end to Father God, Jesus permitted this physically painful death, as well as the spiritual humiliation and shame, by taking upon Himself the sins of man, accepting being forsaken by Father God, who hated and despised sin and reviled His Son as Jesus accepted our sin upon himself.

As Christians, our JOY comes in the knowing, that all of our sins, past, present, and future are totally forgiven through Jesus, and also in the knowing that through His death, death itself, has been conquered, through the fact of Jesus Resurrection from the grave, and his physical ascention home to heaven, where he now sits as our heavenly advocate with Our Father.

May all my brother and sisters through Christ Jesus, reflect and repent in their sinful nature, but celebrate the joyous triumph over death and elate over Jesus Resurrection. Spiritually no longer do our sins belong to us as we are now sactified through Jesus, but death no longer acts as an anchor holding us back from returning to Our Father God.

Happy and Joyous Easter to All, and may God be with you.

Dave Mathews.