Hassle free’ jumping by Govt, Army, commercial vehicles Traffic deptt lacks competency

 JAMMU, Dec 4: Government, Army and commercial vehicles have adopted ‘hassle free’ jumping technique over the signals without any hesitation even after the Red signals are flashed, violating the rules and regulations of the State law. The traffic officials often remain silent over this free for all act while performing their duties near the signals, seemingly helpless to take a stern action against the vehicle owners for violating the traffic rules.

However, Bikram Chowk, Satwari Chowk and Amphalla Chowk have become the most horrible points in the city after their installations, as the traffic officials are interested only while imposing fines on the vehicles at the each respective corner of the these Chowks, instead of handling the situation for a free flow of traffic during the peak hours.

Rajesh Kumar from Narwal Pain (Satwari), who was waiting near the signal at Satwari Chowk said, “Instead of stopping vehicles near the Zebra Crossing, all the operators deliberately stop their vehicles after and in the middle of a Zebra crossing, thus forcing people to adopt ‘zig-zag’ method to cross the road which is very difficult for them and one of the major reasons for an impending traffic chaos.”

When asked about the factors responsible for creating traffic chaos, Traffic DIG Saleem Beig said, “In this connection, 22 officials have been already attached in District Police Line for not taking action against the private operators and others who violate the traffic rules and regulations. I have already instructed all traffic officials to take stern action against the violators whom so ever is.”

 While throwing onus upon JDA and the town planners in particular, Beig said, “Roads and streets existing at present were meant for just 20,000 vehicles in 2001 but the number of vehicles has increased and the infrastructure is same, which is serious concern of traffic chaos. At most of the places, traffic control devices, traffic signs and road markings are also not adequately maintained for smooth flow of traffic as well as for the pedestrians. Moreover, the lack of co-ordination between various agencies in executing various works is also adding to the traffic mess.”

Expressing discontent with ever increasing burden of vehicles in and around on roads in Jammu city, he said, “Until there is adequate facility of multi-storey parking, controlling of traffic is not possible. Traffic chaos cannot be controlled until the concerned departments make a proper plan for widening of roads and lanes in the city as the latter are same as they were earlier.” 

Replying to a query, he said, “The concerned authorities have failed to ensure proper coordination among various agencies associated with the infrastructure projects and Economic Reconstruction Agency (ERA), the agency for implementing ongoing project and widening of road in Jammu city. In this context, the department has already informed the higher authorities to take up the matter with the concerned departments to mitigate the problems once for all.

He further said, “In this contest, the department has faced various problems to check the wrong parking by the vehicles even after imposing hundreds of compound challans of Rs 100 everyday, but there can be no tangible results on the vehicle owners, until an enhancement of amount from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000 as fine for wrong parking on the roads in the city is introduced, making the owners think before parking anywhere.”

Replying to a query, DIG said, “Unauthorized and indiscriminate parking also impedes the free flow of traffic and causes accidents. Permanent and temporary encroachment of footpaths has also added to the misery and the department has already informed the Jammu Municipal Commissioner (JMC) in this context.”