Delivering ‘Hate-speeches’ to spread regional, linguistic and religious acrimomy has become a fearless phenomenon for certain sections of Political and Religious leaders at national, regional and local levels with separatistic tendencies that is endangering the country’s liberty, equality, fraternity among the citizens of India, and has become a serious matter of concern for protecting the safety, security and integrity of the nation in the eye of Ministry of Home Affairs at New Delhi.

Instead of peacefully conducting their socio-political activities in a democratic method without causing fear and terror among the citizens at national, regional and local level politics, it has become devillary audacity for certain religious fundamentalists, regional and local political secessionists to spread hatred among the people for gaining political ends in the guise of political mettings and agitations. To achieve their political ends such political leaders are not mincing words in the most indecent and abusive manner to criticize the otherside if their political ambitions are questioned or put to discussion or democratic debates.

It has become very difficult for the Ministry of Home Affair to moniter and to put check to such tendencies, due to lack of a centralized online translating mechanism of such hate-speechs and public statements made at regional levels by the regional and local politicians, in their respective local languages.  As most of these speeches are delivered or remarks passed by the regional political leaders are in their local language, even if telecasted by the local television channels and vernacular print media, the Ministry of Home Affairs is unable to take legal action, which is contributing for furthering rampant attitudes among the local political leaders to spread hatred among the different sections of people.

The Home Affairs Ministry has observed that in recent times such hate speeches and abusive words are emanating and wide spreading from the State of Andhra Pradesh with no exception to pass abusive remarks directly even on the Prime Minister of India and on National leaders who achieved Independence to India.

Therefore “Anti-Hate Speech Cell” at National level will be considered with wide spread jurisdiction, to immediately book cases against the internal enemies of the nation who promote Religious, Regional and Local hatred among the people with specific motive, – through an online-national level network mechanism. It will have experienced police officers, Translators with multiple language skills and legal experts and all such hate-speechs and statements along with press and media video clippings will be grathered within few hours of reporting to register cases. By dchaitany.