Healing Cancer and the Subconscious Mind – Part 1

From 2003-11, I had the unique opportunity to work as a Subconscious Healer at the PeaceHealth Cancer Center in Bellingham, WA.  I learned an enormous amount about cancer from some truly incredible patients.   Here’s some of what I discovered.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer or any serious physical illness, everything changes…immediately. Decisions on treatment must be made, family members need to be notified, finances become a concern, and questions of death come to the forefront. Priorities come sharply into focus.  Emotions surface, sometimes powerfully.  My job was to assist patients through the subconscious emotional mine fields that come up during cancer treatment.

There can be many contributing factors to the cause of cancer.  One area that commonly gets overlooked is subconsciously suppressed emotion.  When emotions get trapped in the subconscious, they look for an outlet.  Sometimes the outlet is through the physical body in the form of a disease like cancer.  I have worked with numerous cancer patients over the years and have seen Subconscious Healing techniques consistently help cancer patients.  I observed improvements commonly occurring in the following areas:

·Fear around dealing with cancer.
·Significant peripheral issues associated with family.
·Physical health, pain control and the healing of cancer itself.
·Spiritual growth and/or awakening.

Please keep reading Part 2.  It’s a story about a remarkable patient I was able to assist in overcoming cancer.