Here is the true story of BDR-Need more Analysis

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Date: Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 4:25 PM
Subject: Please attention, read it and give the chance to others to know about it

From an Army Officer:
Our beloved People of Bangladesh:
Take the salute of Bangladesh Army. We know that you feel now how much
you were bluffed at Pilkhana by the so-called "cause" of the BDR
jawans on 25th February 2009. You at first thought that they were
right…they were deprived. But you see, we are the army, given birth,
trained and fed by the people’s money. We can never betray our people,
our nation. if we wanted, we could bring martial law in the country on
1/11 or anytime after that.
Here is the true story of BDR:
1. Before 2002, only very average army officers were posted to BDR.
Those officers used to pass time and wait for retirement. The scenario
was changed in late 2002, when army started to pump in outstanding
officers to BDR to shape up the national border and curb cross-border
crime and smuggling.. If you plz recall, Phencidil was introduced by
India in Bangladesh across benapole in the mid 1980s at the cost of Tk
2 per bottle. once they captured our young brains, they rose the price
gradually and now they have phency factories all along Bangladesh
border only to supply to Bangladesh. this is just an example of
cross-border crime. so, to guard our beloved land, army started
pumping very good officers into BDR. Before 2002, the BDR jawans were
very rich through the earning of smuggling. their sepoys and naiks and
havilders had buildings and house that even officers can only dream
of. After 2002, smuggling and its sharing by BDR jawans started coming
down. capture of smuggling figures, if you can manage, will rightly
prove that. Therefore, the young BDR jawans that were pictured from
pilkhana were the young ppl with 5-10 years of service who could not
earn from smuggling.. their seniors told them, "You see, we have made
house when we were sepoy, but you can’t have now because army officers
are making money and not sharing with you." this is theme they used to
motivate the young jawans.
2. whenever there is an encounter with BSF, always we are the winner.
Plz remember the incidents of Roumari, Padua etc.. But all that appear
in media is about our casualty only, rightly for the purpose of
diplomacy principle. as long as army officers lead BDR, BSF will never
win any single battle, they will always be in the loser’s end and
india will not be able to pump in drugs, fake currency and other
harmful things into Bangladesh. the DADs of BDR are the worst losers.
They are educated officers but cannot do anything because of army
3. If you take another glance of Point 1 and 2 above, you will realise
that if you were the enemy of Bangladesh, you would surely do the
• Capitalise on point 1 to motivate DADs and young BDR jawans against
the army officers
• if BCS officers are posted, the shrewd DADs would be able to easily
bluff the innocent and educated BCS officers, threat them, and earn money.
4. this is the point on which our enemy used to motivate and raise the
point of "nirjaton and bonchona" by army officers. If there were any
such "bonchona and nirjaton" in this new millennium, could it be kept
hidden from your eyes and from the eyes of international media and
from the people of Bangladesh? IMPOSSIBLE!
5. Now come to 25th February:
• RAB arrives at Pilkhana gate at about 10am and ready to move in.
Home Ministry said a stubborn "No".
• Troops of Mirpur Cantt and Dhaka Cantt arrives at Pilkhana by
11:30am. they seek permission to go in. Again a big "No"
• Innocent Media people, bluffed by the BDR jawans, focus to the
nation the good side or the "right cause" of rebellion BDR. they ask
for BCS officers…. !!!
• Govt sends nanok and others and they enter courageously into BDR
Pilkhana and safely come back and they are not held hostage.
• At 4:30pm, army tanks are ready to go in, briefing done, again a big
"No". The army is told to go 3 km away from Pilkhana.
• Night comes. sahara and nanok enter BDR and all lights are off.
sahara visits families of army officers without nanok as seen on TV
channels through BTV footage.. She does not; we repeat DOES NOT meet
any army officer of BDR.
• Media people telecast live sound of firing from inside Pilkhana when
sahara is inside.
• sahara comes out and faces the media. some channel representative
asks her "Apni jokhon vitorey chilen, amra goolir shobdo shunlam, apni
shunen ni?" she say "No. I did not hear any firing". sahara did not
mention anything about the 168 officers inside, nor the media asked
her where were the officers.
GRAVES WERE BEING PREPARED. Please refer to the Ntv exclusive with
major Mokarram on 28th evening. He said that he heard the voice of
home minister entering into the kote when BDR gunmen surrounded him.
• IG police freely moved in because his daughter and son in law capt
haider was inside. He ensured the rescue of his daughter, married 82
days earlier.
• only police is allowed to enter pilkhana and throughout the night
they find only 7 dead bodies and suggest that search could not be done
due to darkness.
Only 5-7 other bodies appear from canal behind BDR naturally floating.
• Next morning there is no sign of bodies. Bodies and mass graves are
discovered after army and fire brigade (fire brigade boss is a
brigadier of army) enter into pilkhana late in the morning.
• Size and depth of mass graves indicate that killers used the whole
night to dig those and also to FLY AWAY from PILKHANA. Only about 200
fools of BDR were left at Pilkhana.
• Nanok in a media briefing in front of Pilkhana declares that "It was
a big conspiracy" and lac lac crore taka were distributed in
PILKHANA GOT TK 25 LAC between 22 and 24th February, distributed by
nanok’s men.
6. you see how brutally the representative of Bangladeshi people,
elected just 50 days back– sahara, nanok, mirza azam and jalil…all
of them ensured that your officers and their families, the officers of
Bangladeshi people, are killed and molested. Only about 37 or 57
officers were killed in our War of Liberation 1971 by pakistanis in 9
months. and our own ministers and MPs ensured that more than 140
officers and families are killed in about 24 hours!!! What an
achievement of our nation!!
7. BCS officers in BDR, and no officer from army, would ensure that
another Rakhkhi Bahini could be in the making.
8. Added fuel to the fire was the corruption of DG and other very few
officials in ‘operation daal vaat’. we regret that and we apologize to
the nation.
9. It is now clear that nanak and DAD tauheed had been communicating
each other for last 1 month plus.
They are classmates.
Your home minister and nanak arranged the safe exit of all 13-14,000
BDR troops from Pilkhana throughout the night.
Bangladesh army was not allowed to fire on the plea that "peaceful
negotiation’ was going on. We are servant of govt. we can’t but abide
by orders.
If we were allowed to enter Pilkhana even at 4pm on 25th February, we
could save many innocent lives. Ask the people from the area/village
of the dead officers. they all will say that those were our golden
sons of the soil…..truly so. They prove it in UN missions. That is
why Bangladesh is the largest troops contributing country to UN. it is
not India, Pakistan, US, Canada…it is poor Bangladesh! How
strange….. …!!!!!
We are not asking you to believe this email. We are requesting you to
use your judgement.
Please let the People of Bangladesh know what your judgment says. Do
something for the nation…in exchange of 140+ lives of your
families…. your officers…your sisters…martyred at Pilkhana by
If your judgment concludes that what were said in this mail in the
name of Allah are true, please forward to all possible contacts. Let
the world know what you understand to be the truth.. it is your
responsibility as a human being. Is not it?