The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India while hearing a Public Interest Litigation has recently in the last week of January made a sensational observation on the high-tech prostitution by some sections of affluent girls/women for earning money in easy way by brushing aside social and ethical values and shown serious concern over the issue and asked the governments what measures it is taking up to prevent spread of this evil further.

Subsequently the national and local electronic and print media has also raised some discussions on this topic, and in over all, a serious concern has been expressed by one and all that due to the bad behavior and character of some sections of girls/women with a desire to lead high life style, the image of the entire women community is getting damaged in India. So that few sections of girls/women who have no botheration for the social and ethical values established in the Indian society must be dealt with severely in the budding stage it self by further sharpening the anti-prostitution laws or enacting the new ones. Earning money in easy way and grow rich to lead luxurious life at any cost, has become target for such sections of people.

A Telugu language popular local Channel N.TV in its ‘Story Board’ telecasted on 30 and 31 January, has shown videos very clearly, how some sections of college/university going girls are resorting to prostitution and enjoying high-tech life styles, even though they hail from lower middle class families whose parents can not even afford to pay their college/University and hostel fee properly, are holding mobile phones worth ranging from Rupees 10,000/- to 15,000/- and holding hand bags worth of not less than  Rupees 10,000/- and wearing dressed worth of Rs.10,000/- to 25,000/- and possessing gold chains, and other ornaments, and cars after coming to cities from small towns, in the guise of education and employment. The news report rightly expressed concern that as a result of behavior of such kind of girls/women the entire reputation of Indian women is getting tarnished. 

The women with such kind background are after getting married are facing several problems in their matrimonial life, due to the psychological turmoil and maladjustments they are undergoing in post-marital life leading to divorce inevitably.  Such kind of women are also becoming a burden for the Indian matrimonial system and also becoming causes for enhancing court work, with matrimonial disputes along with normal matrimonial disputes. Such kind of women even if they get married, their marriages are becoming short-term marriages.    

Now this problem has become very complex as observed by Supreme Court of India and reached to alarming levels in the society and spread to all over the country like a deadly disease, from rock bottom level to five star hotel levels.  Some thing must be invented to restrain their unethical activities, by enacting stringent legislations, to set right their behavior and character.  As the existing laws are feeble and of no use to prevent such kind of unethical activities in the society, the men or women who are luring them and promoting the women to such activities must be dealt with severe criminal action with ‘NO BAIL’ ‘ONLY JAIL’ concept by setting aside the human rights pleas, to immediately deter such unhealthy and unethical activities in the society.

Mere rescuing and rehabilitation measure will not help in preventing this evil to smog the entire society in the days to come.  The men and women who are involved in such activities must be exposed before the media and to the public instead of masking their faces while producing before the courts, so that they will not again resort to such activities. The punishments and fines must be imposed to such an extent on such men and women as much they are earning per hour by doing prostitution i.e. the fine amount ranging from Rs.10,000/- to Rs.50,000/- depending on each case.  The nude and semi-nude sex provoking dances dominating in the Indian movies must be mercilessly abolished from the movies as the film producers, directors and artists are becoming major cause for destroying the minds of young women and men in the country with their ulterior business motives. All these inter-related issues on this affluent-prostitution must be discussed in wider range and any delay in preventing this evil will destroy the entire society in the days to come and the human society will become animal societ.

Government is providing free education and reservations to girls/women in employment and also offering special self-employment schemes and also providing finances/loans free of interest to start small scale industries.  There are several other ways to earn money and to live with dignity in the society for such girls/women by doing household works as domestic maids, by starting self-employment at house by manufacturing home made foods and marketing them, by teaching home tuitions to small kids around them etc., but doing prostitution by not utilizing governmental policies and facilities or other money earning ways, to enrich themselves in a short-period to lead luxurious life is an inexcusable crime and they can not escape by taking pleas of human rights, their hunger, their poverty.