Hillary Annexes the Holy Land (of Ireland)

The Lefties are in love with not only their own reflections in the water, but with their own fairy tale renderings of history.

This has been made clear in countless ways throughout what the rest of us call factual history. For instance, the Lefty Fascists now insist—and insist adamantly—that fascism is the domain of the Right. Just as they have long insisted—and this was before the coming to power of the Cheney-W Administration—that it is Republicans who spend prolifically and irresponsibly.

Meantime, the Socialists—that is, the Democrats—have long maintained their hold on black Americans, applauding their Revisionist History cause, letting those among them who dare do so insist that the Greeks named Socrates and Cleopatra—not to mention all of the ancient dynastic Egyptians and (as The Black Guy’s preacher the right reverend Wright reminds us) the Jews. It’s pretty clear to this writer that the Democrats have no respect for black Americans and see them as, at best, mere children that they must take care of (talk about your White Man’s Burden). At worst, they see them as useful idiots to help them get elected while they (the Democratic politicians) go to any length to create situations of counterfeit nurturance with them.

At least, that’s what I feel.

But, to this writer’s mind, no instance makes their psychosis so clear as a much more recent and outrageous instance of an attempted counterfeit nurturance coup by Queen Hillary of the Guaranteed Oval Office Throne of the United States.

And against whom did The Hillary stage this coup? None other than those of the holy land of Ireland!

Just the other day, Hillary said—in public, with a straight face, with that quietly condescending attitude implicitly nodding in approval at the emasculating New Chivalry—she said, "I was deeply involved in the Irish peace process".

Deeply. Not just involved. Deeply involved. Deeply involved in Irish society and politics.

I think “deeply” is for The Hillary what “change” is for The Black Guy.

To The Hillary, being deeply involved in anything means having done things like what she really did in Ireland or with respect to the Irish. Such as shake hands with people after her husband gave a speech. Such as introduce her husband before he gave a speech. Such as ride with her husband to the place where she is going to introduce him before he gives a speech and then shake hands with people who wish they were shaking hands with him after his speech.

She also hosted a session of tea and potato cakes for Irish President Mary Robinson in the late 1990s. Before that, President Robinson met in the Oval Office behind closed doors with President Clinton (that’s Mr. Bill, not The Hillary), a meeting to which his wife was not invited.

What did the Irish themselves have to say in response to The Hillary’s pronouncement?

“Hillary Clinton had no direct role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland and is a wee bit silly for exaggerating the part she played. I don’t know there was much she did apart from accompanying Bill going around…She visited when things were happening, saw what was going on…but being a cheerleader for something is slightly different from being a principal player," says 1998 Irish Noble Peace Prize Laureate David Trimble, who was awarded the Prize for his steadfast efforts to find a peaceful solution to the violent conflicts in Northern Ireland.

The people with whom this writer corresponds have compared The Hillary’s attempted coup of the Irish peace process with fellow Democrat Al Gore’s claims to have essentially invented the Internet. (Some have also opined that perhaps Gore invented water.)

Others have reminded me that The Hillary’s Irish fantasy is, after all, about as scientific as Gore’s global warming scenarios.

The worshipful media are finally beginning to wonder if the Democratic Party is coming undone at the seams between The Hillary’s fantasies and The Black Guy’s tacit admissions of his own racism.

But, all of our instruments can, and should, agree that both still-standing Democratic Oval Office potentates have about the same degree of “experience”.