Hindu Nationalists Kill Indian Christian

It has been reported that Indian Hindu nationalists attacked a prayer meeting in Tamil Nadu and killed one Christian and injured others.

This indication is contained a report by the Release International (www.releaseinternational.org) a United Kingdom (UK) based Christian Charity organization adding that Edwin Raj died after Hindu nationalists launched an apparently well-planned attack on a private home in Sathankodu, Kanyakumari district recently.

Quoting All India Christian Council (AICC), one of its partners in India, it noted that while a small group of extremists disrupted the prayer meeting initially, they were soon joined by other assailants armed with stones and iron rods.

“They asked Edwin if he was a Christian and, when he said ‘yes’, they beat him brutally. He died of his injuries on the way to hospital. His father was injured when he tried to intervene to protect Edwin.

The report said that the extremists had told the police they intended to attack the Christians – and police had done nothing to prevent it adding that its partners have already visited the village to help obtain justice for the Christians.

“Please pray for God’s peace to fill Edwin’s family and friends, as they come to terms with his death. Ask God to heal and restore everyone affected by this attack – and pray that their faith will be strengthened by the ordeal,” the report also stated.