Homage to Barrister Qurban Ali Khan chairperson JKPNP by SAPF-UK



South Asian Peoples Forum (UK) in its emergency meeting
on Friday 6, 2012, paid homage to the Chairperson of Jammu Kashmir Peoples National Party (JKPNP), Barrister Qurban Ali Khan, who died yesterday in London.

Barrister Qurban Ali Khan has been involved in the liberation
struggle of Kashmiri people. In April 1985, he founded JKPNP. Over the last three decades, the JKPNP has emerged as a major revolutionary force in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). Barrister Khan worked unceasingly to build the Party in
most of the parts of POK. An organisation, which was initially composed of progressive intellectuals and lawyers, has now emerged as a powerful socialist organisation including working people, women and students. JKPNP is now in the forefront of leading the liberation struggle for a united Kashmir without the
oppression of India and Pakistan. Barrister Khan provided the leadership to the Party to create a vibrant organisation in POK, including Gilgit and Baltistan (the so-called Pakistans’ Northern Territories) based on socialist principles towards creating a sovereign socialist Kashmir.

JKPNP, under the leadership of Barrister Qurban Ali Khan,
is fighting to end foreign domination as well as internal oppression. JKPNP takes the stand that Kashmir is a historic, cultural, and legal entity and any attempt to keep it permanently divided shall always be opposed by JKPNP
supported by the masses.

Barrister Qurban Ali Khan visited Britain several times
to unite and establish support for JKPNP in the Kashmiri diaspora of 1.8 million people. The support for the politics and policies of the Party has increased many-fold in Britain and other countries the last few years.

Under his leadership, JKPNP has forged close links with
other progressive political organisations internationally including India and Pakistan. Its membership is spread across the globe wherever there is a presence of sizeable Kashmiri communities. In addition to its strong organizational power base inside POK, it has a very sizeable zonal organization
in the UK, United States of America, Middle East and with
membership/sympathizers in Canada.

South Asian Peoples Forum UK shares our sorrow on this great loss with the leadership and members of JKPNP and the family members of Barrister Qurban Ali Khan.

Our Red Salute to Comrade Qurban Ali Khan.

Best regards
Pervez Fateh

Prof Nazir Tabassum

Mohsin Zulfiqar

Khalid Saeed Qureshi

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