Home Foreclosures On The Rise: Nevada, Arizona, California Top Lists

It was reported in Realty Trac this week that the second quarter figures are in on the continuing mortgage and foreclosure mess, and exceed by 5% the figures from summer to fall.

Summer, however, actually is the highest sales quarter for home sales historically. 

The foreclosure figures to date far exceed those that are purchasing new homes at this point, except many being purchased now also by foreigners due to their higher currency exchange rates such as part time "winter visitor" purchases in the West and Southwest, and relocating "global" employees from Canada and Great Britain primarily also in those globally focused (Silicon Valley and Gaming) industry states. 

Who have basically shifted their focuses from historic sustainable industries in agriculture, ranching, mining and small business local retail venues now to the Twitter and gadgets industries, health care "networks" and corporatized medicine and pharmaceuticals – legal or otherwise.  Drug stores in these states are on each and every corner by and large. 

Even the glut due to natural disasters which have occurred are not selling to Americans at all since most of the homes now in the French Quarter of New Orleans post-Katrina are listed by a British realty firm, not even U.S., and are being marketed primarily to Europeans since Americans are literally eating the debts of the world at this point, and losing their homes and jobs right and left because of this now "global economy" and continuing "global war on terror." 

Of course, while our own southern borders still remain unsecured eight years after 9/11, with a domestic spying program instituted in violation of Americans civil and Bill of Rights protections instead so that the "global community" and California and those globally focused intel venture capitalists (many also foreigners, such as Rupert Murdoch) can primarily continue to victimize the American public, by and large, for they and their industries personal gains.

Even at those rock bottom prices in the West and Southwest, few Americans can afford to purchase a new home, and many who have been through this tsunami will be prevented from doing so due to their credit history now for years to come. 

And now having seen how much Washington protects the foreigners at the expense of the Americans does make one pause to trust the scam now stimulus money artists Washington is also now funding for the careers of those mortgage bankers and realtors once again at the cost of the public at large, since it was the banks that based a great many of these loans sold in the West and Southwest on London market rates, and not even U.S. prime rates at all by some of those California and Michigan based lenders who were marketing in a number of states in the country. 

But primarily the West and Southwest, and Sunbelt states.

Which, of course, had the highest number of foreclosures on the list.  Over 3.5 million this year so far have lost their homes, up from 2.3 million last year at this time.

Nevada lead the pack and Arizona a close second. 

Followed by California, Florida, Idaho, Utah, Georgia, Michigan, Colorado and Illinois.

From a former Arizona resident and victim of the land and property theft that has progressively gone on in that state since the 1970′s recession, and then the Keating disaster of the 1980′s when all the savings and loans went belly up, the states involved with the highest numbers are no surprise.

Most are non-judicial foreclosure states, affording sheriff’s sales and foreclosure proceedings to begin anytime after 90 days. 

And those states have by far more realtors than any other, and are foreclosure "industry" legislated states to begin with.  Even homestead protections are no protection, since most of them also have high numbers of mega-developments and retirement communities that are also subject to extra property taxation in the form of homeowners associations.  

With the states then even attempting through legislation to negate the homestead protections that had stood for literally decades in order to feed their careers and those realtors, foreclosure lawyers and banks once again.

If you are contemplating retiring to a Sunbelt state at this point, after signing those 60 pages documents it might behoove you to budget for a gun in order to protect your future property rights and purchase, since the state and Washington has the pirrahas backs and not yours, America. 

This new fourth level of state created government, homeowners associations, have also been given lien and seizure rights in priority to even mortgagees for past due "assessments" or property taxes, and so many of these foreclosures that are going on are also homeowners association initiated foreclosures, which is what has been kept also out of the mainstream media and press.  

If you can’t pay your mortgage, chances are those fees and taxes in order to resurface the community center parking lot, or pay for those now communal landscaping fees are also out of reach, some of which are added property taxes of hundreds or thousands of additional dollars per year – without, of course, any tax breaks or acknowledgment that the municipalities are now "privatizing" their true duties and functions in order to again collect more and more revenue for discretionary needs most of all.

There hasn’t been a public or community pool or park built in Phoenix in decades due to this "passing off" of those historic municipal functions, instead money is now used to fund artwork along the major parkways, or dole out to sovereign subjects and NGOs in grant monies for PAC organizations, or state created "foundations."

The lawyers for the banking and foreclosure industry advise most of the Boards of Directors of those HOAs, and so work in concert many times, with homeowners receiving threats from both the banks, and also their "involuntary servitude" associations, since the laws also in those states have progressively also become more favorable to those "corporate" socialized housing communities throughout the years.

Many homeowners initial deed restrictions and obligations have fundamentally changed due to industry lobbying efforts on the part of the foreclosure industry itself. 

And during the boom, homeowners in Arizona were receiving fraudulent foreclosure notices initiated by some of the scam artists within that industry also that operate there and in many of the high retirement community states preying upon the elderly, minorities, or single women most of all. 

Or anyone that has a great deal of equity bulit up in their home since such information is public knowledge and available now through searching public records. 

Which a great many of those foreclosure industry lawyers and realtors do quite regularly in order to stimulate their economies at the public and homeowner’s expense due to the amount of competition in many of those states between realtors, lawyers and the multitude of individuals that get a cut of the sale when a house is sold and changes hands. 

Frequent turnover, after all, creates jobs and more debt.  Not paid off mortgages and homes. 

So much of what is going on especially in the West and Southwest has been purposely manipulated by both Washington, and the local and state governments for their campaign contributors and also due to progressive lobbying of those industries up to this point during the 1980′s and 1990′s particularly.

Realty Trac’s figures and reasons were aligned with job losses and unemployment, since at 9.6% it is at its highest levels in over 26 years.  However, mention was made of the recent gains made in Wall Street, and that salaries in the financial sector were resuming back to normal.

Most of which are in the six figure range, since New York does tend to pay a lot higher wages than say, New Mexico, Arizona or Texas – as also a "globally" and "internationally" focused state through the many global socialists that live there and in their sister state of California.

Gee, I wonder why the "global" stock market would be improving, while the American economy continues to tank. 

Couldn’t be that Washington is sacrificing our country’s economy and citizens in order to bulk up and impress some of those G-20 attendees that are now heavily invested due to this "globalized" economy in American businesses and now even real estate, and more and more even our public utilities and infrastrucure at this point. 

Such as Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Arizona, which was "privatized" many years ago and in which shares are now sold on the "global" exchange to foreign investors.  And whose profits are so high now that they sponsor "events" and even the building of stadiums and other huge real estate ventures. 

With, of course, primarily the rate payers monies while giving the foreign investors stock and shares now in their further real estate ventures in Arizona in the process, not simply the nuclear power plant at this point.

Kind of makes you sleep well at night knowing that foreigners now own stock in our nuclear power plants and generating stations, and other public venues now funded with this not nationally focused, but global economy, doesn’t it? 

Selling shares to foreigners now in our power plants, bridges, even telecommunications industries which run our traffic lights and street lights. 

Orwell didn’t even begin to dream of this scenario.

While the banks continue to represent that they are assisting these homeowners, it is becoming more and more clear is that they are stalling and adding those junk fees and costs as they "process" these applications, and are there mainly in order to negotiate down the obligations due some of those foreign investors, and then also scam some great properties to flip in the process. 

I’m sure that is why the financial sector is recovering, while Americans continue to lose those homes – even after all those front end junk fees and costs were levied included within those creative 60 page loan documents that progressively have occurred.

Which now even affords the banks, without your knowledge, to resell your mortgage to another company without your prior knowledge or consent, except in the fine print of those loan documents. 

Or some now even bold print, but as industry standard now for even Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae loans, adhesive and non-negotiable to begin with and hardly a "fair trade" or equally beneficial contract if that contract can then be resold without renegotiation or consent of one the parties to it.  

Which language as industry standard, means unlike the past, you cannot really shop anymore for a loan like in the old days where a loan was fixed until it was paid off.  And was even assumable for any new buyer that qualified upon sale.

The banks are now recovering? 

How could they have been struggling, since they are branches of the Federal Reserve, who does print the money. 

The only "solution" that occurred was that the Fed simply printed up some more, and redistributed it through it branches in order to use those branch banks to negotiate with the foreigner investors.

And thus place America further in debt and at the mercy of the British bankers that actually own the Fed, the very first unconstitutional public/private partnership that was entered into by Washington without the consent of the governed, and also expressly contrary to the terms within the Constitution itself for protectionism of the U.S. economy from foreign interest or control.

And if those loans were resold on the global market, then these U.S. banks are nothing but middle men and not holders of those debts at all at this point, the investors who bought those mortgages are. 

Those homeowners, it would appear, actually have no underlying debt to the banks – but to those foreign investors who actually hold those notes.

Actually, it appears that the U.S. mortgage foreclosure mess is nothing more than a huge global Ponzi scheme, at the American taxpaying citizens and those homeowners expense, at this point (since they are also going to be carrying their share and load now of this debt, in addition to having now lost most of those fees and costs which were collected up front upon the original sale).

Due to federal negligence and encouraging "globalism" rather than "protectionism," of the U.S. citizens and their economies as priority to any "global" gambling market. 

Which is what the stock market is, actually, a huge federally and globally sanctioned gambling pool.  Which used to be based on Vegas for this country, but now is more like Monaco. 

International crime syndicates now run it instead of the regional bookies.

And it has been the Americans that have been "crapped out" by Washington for the "greater good" of the "world (bank) economy."

Global socialism by pure definition.