Homeland in Kashmir for Kashmiri Pandits the only solution:PK

 Jammu, December 28 (Scoop News) –Panun Kashmir, a body representing Kashmiri Pandits, today organized the National Convention today at the Green Land Palace,Roop Nagar,Jammu to reaffirm the pledge  for the carving  out the homeland  with the Union Territory in Kashmir with the free flow of the  Indian Constitution as envisaged in  the Margdarshan Resolution adopted  by the KP community  unanimously on 28th December,1991 to reverse the KP genocide.The annual  national convention was attended  by thousands  of delegates  from all over the country. .Despite the fall in mercury people  braved the  cold weather and demonstrated  their resolve  for the Homeland.

 Addressing the convocation ,Dr.Ajay Chrungoo,Chairman,Panun Kashmir  delved at length with the  state of  intimidation and challenges  faced by the Kashmiri Pandit community  in exile and castigated  the policy makers for creating  an atmosphere of second destablisation for the community after 1990 without addressing the forced exile  and genocide of the community.He said,”All the frameworks  on the return and rehabilitation  of the internally  displaced  Kashmiri Hindus presented  by the  government so far  have remained  non starters .The return processes initiated  by the  government  do not  address the causes of forced exodus.Theoutlook underlying the return processes has so far failed  to take  into account structures and the forces  which facilitated  the destablisation of the kashmiri Hindus in the only Muslim majority state of India before and after  1990.the return processes of the government  are  bound to fail because  they are based  on the  denial of genocide of the kashmiri hindus.He reaffirmed  that the only  model that can reverse the religious cleansing and  genocide of the community is the establishment of the homeland for KPs in Kashmir with the free flow of the Indian constitution.”

While speaking on the occasion eminent thinker and writer Prof.Hari Om said,”the only solution to end  the discrimination with the  nationalist forces is the political reorganization of the Jammu and Kashmir state .Jammu state,Union territory of Panun Kashmir,Union territory of ladakh and the one time settlement  of the 1947 refugees is the only way out  to uphold the Indian nation in the state and defeat the anti national forces  and separatists.’

Veteran freedom and member advisory Panun Kashmir,Pt.Omkar Nath Trisal,said,”In the struggle the vision is paramount and those  who dilute the ideology are the enemies of the community and the struggle for resurgence for the  creation of Homeland for the persecuted communities is the only way for the  comprehensive  resurgence of the KP community.”

Eminent scholar,Dr.Shashi Shekher Toshkhani  while explaining the importance of the cultural moorings and significance of the rituals of the KPs said,”In exile while we have had the prime task of preventing the social disintegration and cultural disintegration .We have done fairly well in many areas concerning our survival in exile with dignity and honour.While doing all this we have  to guard  against disintegration  of our  ritual and folk traditions.The ritual traditions are enriching if they remain simple and aesthetically rich. Our community  functions like marriages and yagnopavit will henceforth have to be  simple and economical.”


Community leader and social activist from TRT Muthi,.P.L.Raina said,”The state of the camp dwellers and camp inmates is worst.The so called townships are akin to concentration camps meant to abet the continuous genocide of the KPs by subjecting the community to the state of desperation and intimidation as has been well established by the lack of water  and electricity supply.”


While speaking on the occasion,Mahesh Kaul,research scholar said,”The need is to understand the nuances of the Indian state which has co opted  the instruments that are  hell bent to balkanize the Indian nation.Jammu and Kashmir  in the Himalayas is in the cusp of the three forces that are working overtime  to dismantle the Northern Frontiers.These include Islamic jihad,Chinese Imperialism and evangelical forces. The American exit in 2014 and US parleys with Taliban and Pakistan will have a direct bearing  on the Kashmir issue.In such a state  of affairs the KPs and other nationalist forces have  the immense responsibility to safeguard the Indian nation in the Himalayas and in such a grim situation only Homeland can guarantee the reversal of KP genocide and religious cleansing.”

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