How Man Views Love (A Poem)

Man’s Perception Of Love




A mother says I love you,



BUT, your room better be tidy and bed better be made.

A dad says I love you,

WHEN, you’re good and get good grades.

A sister says I love you,

IF, you play teaparty with me.

A friend says I love you,

WHAT, can you do for me.

A man tells a woman I love you, I love how sexy you look,

BUT, I’ll love you even more, IF, you know how to cook.

A woman tells a man I love you,

BUT, more for what you can give. You’re handsome, you’re smart,

BUT, we need money to live.

A co-worker will love you,

IF, you help them with their work,

BUT, work on your own, and you’re considered a jerk.

Conditional love is how we’ve learned how to live.

Unconditional love is the love that God gives.

 God will never say I love you "But, If, What, Or, When.

God will simply love you, on that you can depend. 

My Comment:

As finite humans we place values,restrictions and conditions upon the love that we sharewith other humans. Thank goodness God is capable of loving us regardlessly, and totally unconditionally, without any reservations.