How to promote ads in facebook

                    Facebook provides to keep create  ads but some find it difficult to promote in facebook the facebook has got created adboard to keep everyone ad.. if you refresh normal facebook profile you can see the facebook ad coming up you can view more ads by clicking  more ads button.  You can also use other IDs to promote your ads in facebook that means not using your regular IDs we can promote the ads like females young,married people single on…

                    you can also keep multiple ads forgetting good traffic you can also bid in facebook by giving you more and more impressions per day and use a nice picture image and so that the audience use the picture and which does not blend with facebook you can use the picture is like very attractive like cars bikes etc.

                       most of the people do not target key words they will target only the people in the US market but be think of keywords and this will help you to increase the use of your advertisement’s view by the others in facebook.