How TTP Swat Spokesman Muslim Khan was arrested


Muslim Khan, popularly known as Butcher of Swat is under arrest of Pakistani Security forces. Today DG ISPR, Major General Ather Abbas confirmed his arrest to media.

ISLAMABAD, Sept 11 (Reuters) – Pakistani security forces have arrested the spokesman of the Taliban in Swat valley, the military said on Friday.
The spokesman Muslim Khan and four other Taliban leaders were arrested from Swat "in a successful operation", the military spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas said.
The army launched an offensive in the Swat valley and adjoining districts of North West Frontier Province in late April after militants began expanding their influence nearer to Islamabad. Security forces have cleared much of the region, but there are still some pockets of resistance.


According to Sources Muslim Khan and Other main Taliban leader Ship went in hiding immediately, after Operation Rah e Rast Started in Swat. Army encircled the valley and attacked  Swat  from three sides, this resulted in  Army’s effective blockede of Taliban supply and escape routes . this in turn  resulted in demoralization of Swati Taliban and on other hand .

Due to Army operation soon Taliban started getting frustrated. In my Article “IS PAKISTAN WINNING ITS WAR ON TERROR  I translated and Published the recorded conversation between Muslim Khan and some one Important from South Waziristan Agency. I predicted at that time


The emerging scenario confirms that Pakistan is winning. Terrorists are frustrated and soon our boys will completely over come the Takfiri Thugs who are now hiding and failing to help each other


 Due to success of Army operation Taliban lost hope and will to fight. Muslim Khan who is known to have strong will and extreme Takfiri ideology under extreme pressure of  Pakistani forces was Rushed to Afghanistan to ask help from Afghan Taliban. Sources report that he met Mullah Omar in Afghanistan .Mullah Omer told him that Taliban have policy not to attack Pakistan , that is why TTPSwat should not expect it from them, and advised him that if TTP Swat wants to fight they should come to Afghanistan to fight NATO and ISAF.

A senior Afghan Taliban official, requesting anonymity, contacted The News from an undisclosed location to confirm that they were approached by the Swati militants for help in their fight against Pakistan’s armed forces. “We told them that the Afghan Taliban have a standard policy not to interfere in Pakistan’s affairs. We reiterated our policy and requested the Swat Taliban not to involve us in Pakistan’s internal matters,” he explained.


TTP swat was expecting support  from Afghan Taliban. When they were discouraged by Afghan Taliban they lost hope and will to fight. Muslim Khan in hopelessness Phoned Commissioner Malakand and media s from  U Phone Sim.


 Malakand Commissioner confirmed the phone call and said that he had talked with him for twenty minutes, in which he made it clear on him that there was no justification of extremist activities in the region after the implementation of Nizam-e-Adal Regulations.

…Fazal Karim said during the call he made it clear on Muslim Khan to lay down arms because he has made excesses.

However, according to him, Muslim Khan listened to all his talking but could not reply with arguments and only said that it was the retaliation to the military operation. He said Muslim Khan remained silent when he told him that military operation was necessary against those challenging the government writ. 

 My friend reporter who himself was contacted by him shared this U Phone number and asked me if I want to interview him for my story, I can call  on that number. I did so and I found that the number was still on. I did not talked to him because the story was dropped from the run down of the program.

I was surprised that any sensible man knows that through GPRS technology and other telecommunication technologies an open number can be easily be traced. I was sure that Muslim Khan’s open number manifested that Muslim Khan; Butcher of Swat was hopeless and wanted Forces to arrest him. But I was confuse why such fanatic lost hope so early. Letter on Rahim ullah Yousafzai’s story confirmed why he lost hope.

 Pakistan Army’s Signal wing succeeded intercepting the phone call and pointed the location of Muslim Khan. Whom they found was hiding in CHAGGERZAI area of Dir. Forces waited and did not arrested him because they wanted to know more by keeping him under observation.

 Muslim Khan is 54 years old. He was one of the most radical Taliban of Swat. He was the one who banned Girls to seek education . He on the record said 

“when Jaamia Hafza girls are not allowed to seek Islamic education, then how can he allow Swati girls to seek western education”

 Muslim khan is a Takfiri fanatic who was responsible for hundreds of Beheadings of Soldiers, Police men and civilians.

 Time never forgive guilty and never allow blood of innocent to go in vain. Muslim Khan slaughtered hundreds of innocents in Name of Sharia and tried to leagalize all crimes of his group in name of religon.

 Government enforced the Nizam e Adal in April 2009 sensing that main reason for Taliban support in Swat and Malakand was Public demand for Sharia. After Nizam e Adal enforcement in Swat, Taliban lost their support which resulted in fall of Taliban.

 Interestingly Government has decided that Terrorists caught in Swat will be trialed according to Sharia. This means if proved Guilty nothing less then or more then death will be fate of these extremists.