Hurriyat for formal decision and invitation for talks by Govt.

Srinagar/Jammu, January 30 -The All Party Hurriyat leadership is willing to join the process of dialogue with the Government of India for durable settlement of the Kashmir issue if the Government first of all took decision on reopening the channels of talks "with us”.

This was stated by a senior APHC leader,Prof.Abdul Gani Bhat in an interview with a Leading news agency, Kashmir Independent Press (KIP)

 Bhat  said "after the decision was taken by the Government the separatists should be formally invited.” When asked why the separatists had not responded to the pleas for holding talks by Prim Minister,Manmohan Singh,Chief Minister,Omar Abdullah,and the Union Health Minister,Ghulam Nabi Azad,Bhat said that "we not respond to mere statements."

          The Hurriyat leader said "let the Government announce its decision on holing talks with us and then send a formal invitation to us and we shall respond to the invitation." He said there was a difference between formal decision on talks by the Government and mere statements.

          Asked why the separatists had refused to talk to the interlocutors who had been appointed on the job after  proper Government decision Bhat said "we are interested in holding talks with those who matter in Delhi and who have the powers to take decisions."

            Bhat said the Government should differentiate between the composite and comprehensive dialogue. Explaining it he said that as far as the composite dialogue was concerned it has to be started between New Delhi and Islamabad.As far as the comprehensive dialogue was concerned it has to be held between the separatists and Delhi and between the separatists and Islamabad.

           The Hurriyat leader said both Islamabad and New Delhi should encourage comprehensive dialogue which was needed for suitable and durable resolution of the Kashmir issue. He said as far as he was concrned he did not believe in laying preconditions for reopening the channels of dialogue.As far as the issues r elated to withdrawal of troops, repeal of AFSPA and the r elease of the detainees were concerned these matters are sure to be resolved once the triangular talks made some headway.(KIP)