HYDERABAD CITY IS ‘HEART’ FOR TELENGANA PEOPLE AND ‘HEAD’ FOR ANDHRA-RAYALSEEMA REGION: One of the most grilling problems before Mrs.Sonia Gandhi headed UPA government in India is the problem of formation of Telengana state in Southern region of India. Since independence the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has become a crucial state for the Indian National Congress as this state has 42 Members of Parliament seats, quite a big figure after Uttar Pradesh and Maharastra states, despite having feeble political voice in the national politics. Except in quanititative aspect no qualitative contributions are made to the nation by the political figures hailing from this region. And the politics of this state have always appeared to be of internal sabers-rattlings of political leaders of Andhra-Rayalaseema region on one side, and Telengana region on the other side, especially since one decade when ‘Telengana’ separatism movement has become active.

After one decade of agitations the Indian National Congress headed by Mrs.Sonia, thrown dubious feelers to the political leaders of Telengana region, that Congress party is in favour of formation of Telengana State, and the press statements made by the then Home Minister Mr.Chidambaram and the present Home Affair Minister Mr.Shinde had contributed for the ferment of agitations in the Rayalaseema and Andhra regions against formation of separate state of Telengana along with the present capital of Hyderabad city as part of it. Andhra-Rayalaseema peoples’ contention, that ever since the formation of state of Andhra Pradesh they have contributed for the overall development of the state along with the city of Hyderabad with very big investments there and the entire development of the state is concentrated in the Hyderabad capital city, by ignoring the concept of decentrilising the administration and development and  sacrificed development at their respective regions, is justifiable and their claim that Hyderabad capital city is “Head” for the people of Andhra-Rayalaseema region, is also justifiable, because without “Head” body becomes ‘corpse’.

Whereas the political agitatiors for the separation of ‘Telengana’ districts from the state of Andhra Pradesh, along with Hyderabad city as part of ‘Telengana’ state, claiming that Hydeabad capital is part of Telengana region and and can not be separated from their region, as it is their “Heart”, due to its geographical proximity with the other Telengana districts and also a highly developed city yielding major portion of state’s revenues from this city. So without Hyderabad city they can not imagine Telengana state, as ‘Heart’ is necessary for the very existence of body. So their contention that body without “Heart” becomes ‘Corpse’ is also justifiable.

So, the people of both the regions are now fighting for owning Hyderabad city. In spite of sugggesting several options by the Justice Sri Krishna Committee for resolving the problem of Telengana region, Telengana separatists are not accepting whole heartedly for any of the suggestions made in the report, except formation of separate state of Telengana with Hyderabad city as its capital, and suggesting Andhra-Rayalaseema people to develop their own capital in their region. Whereas Andhra Rayalaseema people do not want to give up Hyderabad city to Telengana region, as the people belonging to their regions are also living in Hyderabad since 60 years and contributed for vast development of the city.   Here the problem has gotten stuck up, and war of words between the political leaders of the two regions has been continuing every day in the disgustive television debates and discussions, and causing headache for the Union Government.

Telengana politicians are not coming forwad for ‘Heart’ transplantation with new ‘Heart’ for them. That is ‘Warangal’ city as capital of propsed ‘Telengana’ state. Similarly “Head’ transplantation is also not being accepted by ‘Andhra’ and ‘Rayalaseem’ people for developing new capital in Andhra-Rayalaseema regions, as getting separated from Hyderabad city means ‘beheading’ them.

So, it has become a headache for Mrs.Sonia and Rahul Gandhi to resolve this dispute, as Telengana politicians are blatently and obstinately refusing any offers exept sticking on to their own stand.  Some have suggested for placing the ‘Heart’ and ‘Head’ in a new body, that means formation of separate Hyderabad state and telling the politicians of both regions to go a head for new artificial ‘Head’ and ‘Heart’ for their respective bodies, Or else to give up Hyderabad city for Union Government rule OR else to keep silent forever to maintain the status quo, until Second States Reorganisation Commission is formed for deciding on smaller states. A very skilfull and sensible decision is being anticipated by the common people of this state from Union Government, without hurting the feelings of the people of both the regions. By dchaitanya