I Am A Caucasian Canadian And Proud Of It Can You Say The Same

I am a proud Canadian. I am born and raised here in Toronto Ontario Canada and I am a 5th. generation Canadian Born citizen and proud of it.

I served my country as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

I served my country as an employee in the Canadian Government.

I gave 48 years of dedicated service to help make Canada one of the leading nations of the free world as we know it.

I am also a proud Christian who has served my God for over 50 years as a chior singer and as a Christian Evangelist.

I was born 65 years ago under the Union Jack the flag of Great Britain, but Canada’s Red Maple leaf is also my flag too.

I have become a “Visible Minority” in my own country.

The one thing I am not proud of though as a Canadian is that my government, the Canadian government bends over backwards to try and show to the rest of the world that Canada is a “Multi-Cultural” country and society.

Not that there is anything wrong with a country that has multiple varied cultures, but, these immigrants came into Canada to improve their lives, to embrace the priviledges that makes Canada, Canada.

But instead they choose to remain in the lifestyle that they fled from and, at the same time force Canadians to accept and adopt their ways in our country. This is Canada, not Syria, not Iraq, but Canada. Adopt to our ways and disgard those you fled from.

For instance: Many Indians from India came and the men who belonged to the Sikh Religion, rather than trying to fit into our ways demanded as their right to be allowed to wear a turban and carry a dagger, claiming it as part of their religious belief, even when this was not acceptable by Canadian traditions.

They refused to fit into the societal norms and even fought for this in Canada’s court system.

What the Canadian court could not wrap their head around is that there is a big difference between how one dresses religiously and how someone dresses in a uniform for work.

So what do we do as Canadians?  We give in and permit them to trod on our lifestyle instead. Why, simple because they out number us especially at the polls.

Next we get an influx of Muslims from the Middle Eastern countries that Canada is warring with, peoples from Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon. Remember 911.

There is a report that Ottawa and Toronto as well as other major cities in Canada were targets to be attacked by the muslims during 911.  It has also been learned that the muslim terrorists were trained here on Canadaian soil in Canadian planes.

They cared not that they were going to attack the generosity of a people a government who offered to them freedom from their own oppressive countries, they believed they were striking a blow for their religion and their God.

One has to ask oneself; What kind of a God do they serve? What kind of God orders his people to board a plane, take it over and then crash it into buildings killing thousands of people in the name of their God.

For these people it is not enough for them to be permitted to dress according to their culture, ie. forcing their women to completely cover themselves including their faces, but they insist upon having their own ways.

They even have the audacity to demand their own set of laws, “Sharia Law” that permits them to act outside of Canadian law and murder even their own people, how absurd is that.

Furthermore I see that our schooling system which just happens to be the second best and second highest schooling system in the world isn’t good enough for muslims they are educating their children in a Muslim school system that teaches God knows what, besides how to strap a bomb on and blow people up if you don’t like their ways of life.

This discriminates against the very country that they sought assylum in from the oppressing country that they fled to begin with. They refuse to take part in our society and customs under any circumstances and that’s just wrong.

Because of these people it is not politically correct to wish someone “Merry Christmas”.  It is not politically correct to wish someone Happy Easter, It is no longer OK to sing our national anthem. It is no longer OK to pray to God at the beginning of the day for students in school, and on and on we go.

Where does it all stop?

Everytime we permit these people to demand their own ways and have them, we erode away a portion of what is Canada and what it means to be Canadian.
How far do we as Canadians have to bend over to accommodate these people in our native country before we say enough is enough and stand up for the right to be Canadian?

How much of our Canadian heritage will we permit to be erased, eroded away by peoples not even born in this country, but who came here to try for a better life?

Since I, We, are already a visible minority in our own country, how much longer might it be before I, We, as Canadians are overrun by Muslims or some other group and run out of our own land?

How long do you think it might take before Canadians are outnumbered in the political arena and we fall under the foot steps of these people?

How much longer before we stand to be counted and say enough is enough this is our country and if you don’t like it then leave and never return?

These people come to Canada seeking our protection from their countries, their governments out of fear for their lives. Is it not enough that we accept them into our country must we also permit them to completely take over our country and ruin the great Canadian lifestyle that makes Canada Canada.

When is it time to draw a line in the sand and say thus far and no farther. Freedom is earned. Respect is earned. Rights are earned, and if you don’t like it, leave and go back to where you came from.