I Don’t Consider Prostitution A Profession

People often say, "Prostitution is one of the world’s oldest professions," but as for me, "I don’t consider it a profession because I consider it disgusting, a lure for the weak, condescension, health problems, enslavement, illicit and merciless."

There’s a question that has puzzled me for many years, why do men (married and unmarried) like to go to prostitutes for sexual gratification? What type of a personality gravitates to this type of a relationship? Why do men want to keep their secret hidden from people? Does the excitement of the "secret" thrill men?

While I was researching for answers to my questions, I was surprised to read on the Everydayhealth.com’s Internet site that a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Portland pursued to discover and determine pretty much the same questions that I wanted answered. 

The article stated the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology had published the University of Portland’s findings that only one percent of men had ever visited a sex worker in the past year and that 14 percent of men reported they had visited a sex worker only once in their lives. 

These researchers did more than find out the statistics of men having paid sex but they actually delved into their backgrounds and histories
seeking more data about the men.
One of their findings was a little surprising to me because they indicated that men serving in the military are more prone to seek a paid sex partner; and men who are full-time employees and "sexually liberal" are more prone to confess to visiting a prostitute and having paid sex.

I was concerned as to "why" military men were more prone to pay for sex than any other man? The article answered this question for me by indicating it could be because of the nature of the place of their military jobs. Most military men travel to foreign countries and it’s difficult for them to be able to meet and socialize with partners in an overseas location; and also military men often do not have access to meeting women at bars and parties like an average man does.      

I’m sure readers are going to want this answered too, "Why are full-time employees who are sexually liberalized more prone to having paid sex?" 

The researchers determined it could simply be the fact that these men have more expendable income to spend on sex; whereas other men don’t have this type extra income to waste. I would say, "It’s like when a cat’s away a mouse will play," but in this case, "When the money is available a man feels he can pay  to have the sex he desires." 

The researchers also determined that a conservative man could be a person that might not be open to the idea of having paid sex, or to having sex outside of his marriage or relationship.

Researchers also found that there was a difference between men who used the Internet searching for sex and those who meet paid sex workers on the streets. The "Johns" using such sites as Craigslist were more likely to be white and married, and this surprised me too, they were more likely to have graduate degrees and to make over $120,000 per year.

I found this information to be informative and interesting about how men seek to find sexual partners. The research has shown people that men who pay for sex are often average men, men who have reached success and who are intelligent and possibly married. It tells people that the "John’s of today" are not seeded men nor street corner men looking for a pick-up, but they’re educated and clean-cut men who work the computer after their day shift job and they seek partners during the night hours at home. 

People might call it the oldest profession in the world, but we can only try to help those women who want to "get out of their trap" and to turn their lives around and to flee from a world of STD’s, abuse, drugs and violence in the streets. Prostitution is a dangerous and risky activity for anyone who is involved in it.

Barbara Kasey Smith is the writer of this article based on her research of some question she was looking for answers to.