I Will Not Apologize For Being Who I Am Or For Speaking The Truth


As an evangelist I see myself as a sort of modern day version of John The Baptist preparing others for the “Second Coming” of Christ Jesus. It is my priviledge and duty to share with others as directed by the Holy Spirit the teachings of God and Jesus.

Both as a Christian/Catholic, and, as a Christian Evangelist for God and Jesus, whether I am writing for God, or conversing with others, I am a very blunt, straightforward, man.

I tell it like it is. I don’t hold back or pull my punches, in other words try to sugarcoat my thoughts or words when dealing with others, especially when sharing God’s word with others. There is no grey area, and no room for second guessing. If God has said “Thou shalt not,” then you better not do it. If God says do this or do that, then you’d better do it.

As an example: God says; “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” In other words, don’t lie. In God’s eyes, a lie is a lie, is a lie. It violates one of God’s “Ten Commandments”. But the Catholic Church says that it is okay to tell a little “White Lie” so long as you do it to make someone feel good and not hurt them.

ie. I hate your sweater and think it ugly, but I tell you how great it looks, and how great it makes you look. In other words flattery is okay. Uh uh! sorry but a lie is a lie.

At times this can cause problems. Some may see me as insensitive, or, unyielding, maybe even confrontational. This is true especially when I am dealing with Roman Catholics, because there are some Roman Catholic policies, or rites, practices, or dogma, that I have questioned, and learned from reading the Holy Bible , are totally unscriptural yet still practiced.

When I witness these things happening I question the priests and the teachings and I also try to correct such happenings amongst my fellow parishoners. Maybe I should be keeping my mouth shut, but God through his Holy Spirit is telling me, “You have to speak up, you have to try and fix this.” so I do.

To those whom I might offend, to those whose feelings I might hurt, because I have spoken the truth, as God wills me to do, all I can say to them is: “I’m sorry if you find the truth offensive, but the truth is the truth.”

It is my duty as a servant for God to share that which he calls me to share. Some may hear it and welcome the correction. Some may have been thinking the same thing yet said nothing out of their own fears whatever they might be. Some may see me as a “False Prophet” spreading lies, some might see me as hypocritical like the pharisees during Jesus time. Some might welcome the good news as God’s Holy teaching.

However I am received, so be it.

I am not here to win any popularity contest, but I am here to do God’s will and to share God’s teachings as God meant them to be. Jesus often upset and riled and even attacked the local pharisees and scribes, who eventually sought to trip him up so they could have an excuse to get rid of him. Caiaphas the chief priest sought any means to set Jesus up as a sacrifice so that Pilate would spare the Jewish people under Pilate’s control. They needed a scapegoat and Jesus was it.