Immigration Stance A Balancing Act For McCain

On Monday, May 5, presumed Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona addressed Latino voters. McCain explained that the issue of immigration has put a strain in how the Latino voting bloc looks at the GOP. However, a recent CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll explained that the economy was at the top of the minds of most Americans. Immigration was one issue that had come in dead last.

McCain is in one balancing act in regards to the issue of immigration. While McCain is trying to appeal to the Latino voters, he said that the borders must be secured first. Currently, there is a clash between wildlife organizations and the Department of Homeland Security due to the discovery of jaguars around the border. But, in regards to immigration, McCain said that everybody is God’s children and must be taken care of.

On the same day, McCain launched a Spanish-language site. According to strategists within the GOP, McCain needs to have a good standing with the Latino vote. The talk on immigration let alone illegal immigration will not make it easy for McCain. Also, it has not put McCain in good standing with the conservative bloc of the GOP. Such far, that base has taken a harder approach.

Still, McCain has yet to get the conservative vote. McCain said that he would need that bloc in order to win the presidency this coming November. However, he hasn’t gotten that one bloc yet. His moderate stance on immigration does not look to help McCain in getting the conservative bloc.

This is one major balancing act McCain must deal with. While he is trying to appeal to the Latino voters, he risks the opportunity to get the conservative voting bloc. McCain said that he needs that conservative voting bloc to win. At the same time, McCain needs to be in good standing with the Latino voting bloc.