INA: The Albanians in Macedonia have the right to Revolt

Albanian news agency INA days ago published a special article, which called Albanians in Macedonia to revolution.

Written material is Valbona Vardari. Citing the American writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau, she pays particular attention to his book "On civil disobedience." Based on what is written in it, it makes a number of calls and recommendations prompted by the situation of Albanians in Macedonia.

Vardari believe that Albanian people in Macedonia is "in a state of endless misery under colonial occupation in FYROM and aggravated by political elites must take their fate into their own hands and stop in obedience to the government that is tyranny."

"This resistance against colonialism, and the antialbanic terrorist state is vital for the realization of freedom, so everyone has to work against the slavonic Government, so finally there can be achieved decolonization, self-determination and the right to a referendum on the establishment of a single nation-state called Albania, "the author writes.

The material finally ends with a call – ‘act and fight against the colonial slavonic-macedonic power for the freedom of your children. "