India Capital, Delhi, burns for “The Rape Victim”. Sorority :: A Poem by Nandini Goel

 Sorority… A Poem written by Nandini Goel


Looking Out of my Window

I saw the Woman’s Plight

I Asked Myself…


Why do man badger woman?

Can’t they balk this discrimination?

Or they’ve to Ballyhoo like a bairn?

Can’t we have a badinage?


I Asked Myself

Why does man call woman baloney?

Can’t there be peace between them?

Why do man uses woman only to lift his bale?

Can’t there be altruism between both to show their respect for one another.


I asked myself

Why do men have bad notions about female?

Can’t there be a balance between them?

Why do man has no answers when woman questions?

Can’t they balk baffling the woman?

And live in peace with them?


I asked myself

Like the environment in which I live

I feel blessed….

I wish its everywhere


Peace for all.