India: First Photographs of Mumbai on Flickr

By Neha Viswanathan

 The first photographs from Mumbai on flickr are coming up. Vinu from Vinu’s Online Cloud has uploaded a lot of photographs from the streets of Mumbai.  Here is a Link to the photo set.

MumbaiHelp is back online and offering to make call for anyone who can’t get through to their families and friends.

Leave a message if you’re trying to get through to pals in the city.

Preferably leave a cellphone number for both yourself and your friends / family, and we’ll try and SMS them.

Tip: Suggest you avoid calling. Lines are bound to be screwed. SMS direct instead.

Meanwhile, Gauravonomics writes on “Real Time Citizen Journalism in Mumbai Terrorist Attacks”

The Mumbai terrorist attack is now on the front page of Google News and Mahalo is doing a great job of compiling the story as it unfolds.

The first photos of the Mumbai terrorist attacks are up on CNN-IBN and NDTV and both (CNN-IBN and NDTV) are streaming live video feeds of the unfolding situation.

I’ll be updating this post with more citizen generated resources on the Mumbai terrorist attacks as they are put up.