Indian claims he was beaten up in Sydney

A 28-year-old Indian living in Australia for more than a decade on Tuesday claimed he was beaten up by a group of locals on a beach in Sydney.

The man, who refused to be named due to safety reasons, said that he was kicked and punched by the group near Coo gee beach on Monday. He said he had been living in Australia for the past 11 years and had never experienced such a thing before.

Police arrived 40 minutes after the incident and caught one person, he told PTI.

While the man did not receive any external wounds, he said he had severe pain in his neck, back and head. He did not give any other details. However, the police have not issued any statement on the attack.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said that India and Australia shared an “excellent relationship” and did not want the issue of attacks on Indians, mostly students, here to disturb the ties. Mr. Smith said he rang up his Indian counterpart S.M. Krishna on Monday to brief him about the investigations. “We both agreed this was an issue we did not want to disturb or get in the way of what the External Affairs Minister (Krishna) described as an excellent relationship”.