Indian Engineering Students Help Redesign the Rickshaw

The public sector Kerala Automobiles Limited (KAL) has received unexpected assistance from a team of engineering students to redesign one of its three-wheeler models.

The remodelling was taken up by Sonu S. Babu, Rahul Harish, U.R. Rachin, I. Irfan Ahmed and A. Anshad, all final-year B.Tech. (Mechanical) students of the Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology, Nalanchira, as part of their project work done at the KAL plant here.

The project involved the redesign of the chassis of the V_II 400 autorickshaw to achieve weight reduction and better convenience for passengers while getting on and off the vehicle.

The company has decided to accept the prototype developed by the students. The redesigned chassis is eight kg less than that of the original vehicle. The platform of the rear section has been lowered by 13 cm, making it easier for passengers, especially women, children and senior citizens, to get on and off the vehicle.