Internet: Leveraging on social networking for marketing

As Web 2.0 becoming more of a necessity than good-to-have, inter-connectivity is part of a social networking structure. In terms of getting more unqiue visits and web traffic, social networking websites like Facebook, Friendster and so on has becoming a tool for web publicity rather than the primary purpose of meeting people across the world, which was what it was originally designed for.

However, if you would probably realise whenever you joined a particular new social networking site, you need to input or entered the links for your marketing efforts for your blogs or your articles to get that very much desired page views.

Well, in addressing to that, I have chanced upon one social networking website, Multiply that enables you to design your profile page with those entered information like linking to bloggers, Facebook, Flickr, Flixya and so many more with minimum efforts. All you need to do is to log in and import. How convenient, isn’t it. Of course you are also able to import contacts to add your friends without any much of a hassle.

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