Internet: Social Networking virtually in your neighbourhood

Well, we have been much involved in social networking eversince Friendster had hit our computer screens. It is a very fun and wonderful process to be able to find your long lost friend. Then came the ultimate and currently the most talked about and multi-funtional social networking website, Facebook.

I am going to introduce this other web 2.0 or social networking website, Wholivesnearyou. This website basically let you get connected with the girls or guys next door. Yes, the network is being clustered and generated based on your address and this website enables you to know who are the members of this website that are currently online. So if there is a guy of girl staying just across the streets that you are longing to know, this is the site for you.

Well, apart from the friend making mechanism, it also promotes interest group in your neighbourhood like cars, pets and so many more. Apart from a common forum for people to discuss about issues, there is also a marketplace for you to put your items for sale and this time, shipping will not be necessary as the buyers are most probably from your neighbourhood.

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