iPhone 4s Graphics Seven Times As Fast As iPhone 4

The new iPhone 4s has been touted to be the best mobile device ever  built. The new iPhone will make use of the A5 chip that Apple built. The Cupertino, California firm says that the chip enables game studios to make labels with graphics that are about seven times as fast as that of iPhone 4.

These graphics work with Unreal Engine 3. The amazing thing about the graphics platform is its excellent retina display, which gives the user the capacity to convert what n is viewed, read, and played hundreds of pixels higher in quality. This is something that any iphone developer would love to work with. The end result is a pixel density of 326 pixels/inch. What this does is make makes graphics  and text appear to be smooth and flowing no matter what the size of the text. Pretty much everything looks more beautiful with the retina display because it provides up to 4x the contrast ratio of earlier displays. This makes fof darker shades of black, and brighter whites.

The bottom line is that just about everything you do and view in the iPbone 5 is amazing because it is an amazing phone.

For the most part, this is because the pixel density of the retina display is very high. In effect, the eye is not able to differentiate single pixels. This translates to crisp text in web pages, email, and books, no matter what the size.

 It can be described as pictures and images in mages in movies, photos, and games popping off the screen. On aggregate, everything looks better and sharper.

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