iPhones: Positive or Perilous

 Technology in its many names and applications as cell phones, ipods, apps, etc. are distractions from the real me, and use outside means to give me status, belonging, and acknowledgement from outside validation.  This is because I cannot be with myself and act in my own best interest, and be true to myself.

This form of status symbol, desire for fashion conscious people, or teen-age craving, puts the focus of your self-value outside or yourself.  I do not have a cell phone therefore have no need for apps.  My life is filled with reality and not distractions to take the focus on the wonderful world we have to enjoy, take pleasure in, and emotionally be in touch with my self. 

 An obsession to ipods and similar devises are disconnecting the inner essence of who we are to an artificial mental connection rather than a real emotional connection of our inner selves with those around us. Our technology has led us away from the spirit of who we are into a world that lacks reality. 

The owner of these items gives their power to be entertained rather than to find entertainment from their talents, creativity, and inspiration. I know of a student who was bragging about texting 15,000 messages a day. The parents did not see this as addiction.  During a recent performance of the ballet, Nutcracker Suite, at intermission people immediately started to use their devise.  They could not enjoy an evening of live entertainment, free from this distraction for a few hours.

 These items are tools and have a place for phone calls, researching, and information, if discerning.  However, those I know obsessively build their life around these devises.  In this choice, they give up their reality. This is called addiction, which leads to spiritual bankruptcy. Which choice meaningfully enhances your life?

A suggestion is to read “The Real Meaning of 2012, A New Paradigm of Bringing Heaven to Earth” on Kindle or download this short book, which offers answers. It is a succinct understanding of living in the barren intellect of ego and outside influences or choosing to transform your life into an inner rewarding reality.