Iranian Diplomats attack in NYC, THE TRUE VERSION


 I was there and recorded the whole thing on my cell from the very beginning. the crowd were inclusive of some MEK supporters ( I do NOT support them in any shape or form, I don’t even like them). A few Iranian Freedom seekers. Maybe two Americans that were paid by MEK to join their rally in NY. The Iranian Government will blame everything on the MEK. and since the Iranian people do not like them, to create a situation, all you need to say is; oh, it was the MEK… the 2 or 3 supporters of the MEK that were there, were passing by and decided to join. There were no Jews, no Israelis, Not an organized crime or anything like that. The one female MEK supporter wearing black top with jeans kept yelling at Mehmanparast: you murdered my parents. she looked like she was about to faint.

MEK uses Yellow as their color of choice and since some of the officers are also wearing a yellow vest, in the video shut from the building, it looks like there are a lot of them. They were only 2-3 of them plus the two Americans.  

The guy in white T-shirt green Pants, later told me he has  tremendous amount of Hate for the government that represents his beloved Iran. The man wrapped in the Old Iranian Flag said he belongs to NO political Parties and that he is just fed up with this regime.  


Stop making things up, stop guessing and stop making comments that are NOT TRUE. 

 btw, NYPD Officer tried to help Mehmanparast at about a minute after this whole thing started, but Mehmanparast pushed the officers hand away and continued walking around.

I have the whole thing on my cellCam.