Iraq Troop Withdrawals Another Spin? Say It Isn’t So

Since it ’tis the season, there has been many, many articles lately on the Iraq troops and their holiday plans, with many still now eight years after 9-11 separated from their loved ones during this holiday season.

People stories meant to really bring home the loneliness of those troops and their dedication and sacrifice in their service to this country even during a time when most of the rest of the world is celebrating in front of hearth and home the joys of the holiday season. 

In addition to those soldiers, of course, are now the thousands of other Americans left both jobless and homeless by this latest market manipulation and recession under the Bush and now Obama Administrations.

What really hit home to me, though, as one who is one of those "displaced" Americans due to the property rights violations and mortgage meltdown affecting the West and Southwest primarily at the present time, was a story in the local paper in the area in which I have been in exile recently due also to family concerns and job related (self-employed photographer/designer) reasons.

Although there is not at all any "stimuluses" and monies available for most of the self-employed, or the arts in general since most was actually earmarked for the "science and technology" fields of California’s Silicon Valley most of all and private and public entities also getting those gadgets now to spy on Americans domestically now most of all.

The state which continues to plead bankruptcy, although reaping the greatest profits actually due to the continuing war in addition to the other "science based" fields of the American war machine since World War II basically.

The article in question focused on the celebration of many in the Louisiana National Guard, who had been re-deployed to Iraq and were to report as soon as the holidays are over. 

Several thousand of them, actually.  Hurricane season is over, after all.

And specifically "earmarked" for service in Iraq – not Afghanistan at all, nor to "assist" with the troop movements or withdrawals that have been announced on the mainstream media as "coming right up."

So, just what gives actually?

We are sending MORE not LESS troops to Iraq at this point.  And National Guardsmen at that, meant for domestic security and deployment most of all. 

And as with the invasions in the border states as of late, "backup" for the border patrols, who it appears were also offered huge increases in their salaries if they put in for transfers from border patrol to service in Iraq during 2006 when Arizona was officially receiving troops which the Governor (Napoliano) had called out due to the continued victimization of American citizens in property thefts and other civil crimes, and drug cartel wars which were brewing on the U.S. side of the border.

It indicated that the terms of service for these Guardmen was 18 months also.  When "officially" it has been announced that most troops were to be withdrawn from Iraq by the middle or end of 2010 per the "accord" signed by President Bush during his last 100 days in office – which it appears Mr. Obama is now following also – his "peace" candidate posture during the election cycle was clearly another campaign strategy and fascade as many prior candidates have been from both sides of the aisle – Mr. Bush included as the "conservative" and "Christian" after Clinton’s MonicaGate fiasco.

I hope this war is ended before Iraq merely becomes another U.S. state, since it has been receiving the lion’s share of stimulus monies from Washington now for over seven years, in addition to the service of domestic border security and protection by some of America’s finest.

While the U.S. borders are still open and unprotected for the most part.