Anemia is a condition where in there is low levels of Hb in blood . As a result of which the individual appears pale , lacks good appetite,gets easily tired & also frequently complaints of headache & nausea. Anemia is caused due to excessive loss of blood , heredity , lack of iron in diet , lack of vitamin C in diet , long term use of malaria drugs etc. Non medical treatment of Anemia is as follows.

A) Increase the intake of Green leafy vegetables like Spinach , Mint , Methi , Amranth etc.
B) Also increase the intake of Vitamin C . So consume lots of fresh fruits like Guava , Sweet lime , Oranges , Aavla etc
C) Consume raw freshly sprouted pulses . It can consumed with salads too.
D) Consume Ragi ( Nachni ) , Soya bean flours . They can be mixed with wheat flour & chapatis can be made out of it.
E) Consume Rice flakes ( Poha ) as they are good source of Iron.
F) Use gur instead of sugar . As gur is a good source of Iron.
G) Soak 2-3 dates in water in night & than in morning consume it with milk or with water.
H) Red meat is also good but it will also increase the weight.