Is Investigative Reporting Still Alive Or Not?


Has investigative journalism become a thing of the past?

Because Senior Citizens no longer Earn a Taxable Income and contribute financially to the province of Ontario, does this mean that Ontario’s Senior Citizens of whom I am one, no longer have any say in how they are to be treated or in this case mis-treated?

About 6 to 8 weeks ago, I wrote an E-Mail to the editor-in-chief for the Toronto Sun Newspaper one of the largest syndicated daily news papers in Canada informing him of irregularities by the Ontario Provincial Government agency responsible for providing home health care services for Ontario’s Senior Citizens.

In my letter I explained how seniors health care services were being cut back by the provincial agency responsible, causing undue hardships for these senior citizens, also explaining how these cutbacks were also having an effect upon the earning ability of the Public Service Workers responsible for providing these services. Being a senior citizen myself, although not requiring such services, it seemed like a good idea to inform the media to the injustices being perpetrated against the very citizens who made such things as OHIP possible, the citizens who through their hard work and financial contributions created and built OHIP. Lest we forget, OHIP was a mandatory financial statutory deduction from every Ontario employee not to long ago.

My letter fell on deaf ears though, as the Toronto Sun, never even bothered to send me an e-mail to acknowledge receipt of my letter to them.

Lo and behold, about 8 weeks later, yesterday January 8, 2013 doesn’t CTV news in their late night 11:00 pm. news report come out with a report stating that senior citizens in Ontario are now being told that they have to pay a for portion of their needed and deserved home health care services provided by the Ontario Government. In otherwords, if you are a senior citizen and require home care services because you are aging and can no longer take care of yourself you must pay again for the very healthcare your blood sweat and tears helped to establish while you were employed and paying directly into OHIP as a working citizen.

Shame shame shame on the Toronto Sun Newspaper and it’s managing editor for not even acknowledging my letter drawing their attention to this matter. They could have scooped CTV news with this breaking a story 8 weeks prior to the 11:00 o’clock news report of January 8, but they did nothing. The Toronto Sun should pay more attention to people offering them such an opportunity to scoop a TV news report but they failed miserably.

I say shame shame shame on the Government of Ontario. How dare they impose such expenses upon its senior citizens who worked and slaved inorder to get OHIP created for it citizens so that the citizens could have the very best in healthcare bar none. Shame on the Ontario Government for gouging seniors who barely get by on their meager pensions and ask them to pay to be cared for in their old age.