Is Lukes Gospel In Contradiction To Jesus Teachings On Love?

Is Luke’s Gospel in contradiction to Jesus Gospels on Love?

Love and hatred are two diametrically opposed emotional expressions within a man or woman. It is almost virtually impossible to express both simultaneously.

I am neither a theologian, nor a minister, pastor, or priest. I am only a simple Christian man who loves God passionately as my creator, worships God as my redeemer, and a Christian who adores and obeys God’s Holy Spirit as my teacher, and provider of knowledge and wisdom along with all of the other gifts provided me throughout my life such as discernment, speaking in tongues, passion for music, passion for evangelizing through my evangelic spiritual writing.

I cannot understand nor can I explain why Jesus would make such a statement, or why the Apostle Luke would report such a thing in his Gospel. Can you imagine the calamity the chaos, that could be caused if Atheists, or Agnostics, or Muslims or even the Jews ever learned about this one little piece of obscure scripture by Luke?

"If" The Holy Bible should not and cannot contradict itself, why do we read this one verse that on the surface appears to contradict everthing that The Holy Bible and Jesus teaches about Love and life?

This is a very serious and important question that needs to be addressed, and I do not have the answer to it. If my fellow Christian brothers and sisters know the answer to this perplexing question of mine, I would love to learn the truth, and would welcome it into my heart, as confusion is not what I need in life especially at my age.

Throughout 25 of 27 books, of theNew Testament of The Holy Bible the writers express the words of Jesus as being teachings of love: love of self, love of parents, love of family, love of friends, even love of your enemy. We are even taught to love the sinner, but hate the sin.

From Old Testament to New testament the Holy Bible is repleat with 192 verses of how we should love and 58 verses teaching us to hate and what to hate.

In the Gospel of Luke: 14: 26 we find the following passage that goes against everything that Jesus teaches about LOVE.

"If any man come to me and hate not his father and mother,and wife and children, and bretheren and sisters, yea even his own life also, he cannot be my disciple."

This one verse flies in the face of everything ever taught, throughout all 66 books of The Holy Bible about God, about love of God, about love of self, about love of family and friends, and even about loving our enemy.

I have asked several times why this statement by Jesus was ever made, just to fill my own curiosity with some sort of logical answer. The answer I have received makes no sense either.

I was told that what Jesus was actually saying is that if these people in your life, refused to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour, and be baptised and reborn in Jesus, we should be willing to turn our backs on them and walk away from them. This would be acceptable if Jesus had said it that way, but he didn’t. This explanation also neglects one extremely important and intrinsic point in the quotation, that point being, ( how does one walk away from one’s self ). Well I guess that could be answered by our becoming "Reborn in Christ" but again this is not what the scripture says.