Is Sandy Hook a Wake up Call?

 Let’s think in solutions rather than increasing more laws. You cannot control people’s emotional state of mind with gun control laws.  You can alter the results of people’s anger, woundedness, and hurts with love.  When you react with more ways to suppress love from manifesting in life there will be violence. Love heals the need to have violence.   Then guns will not even be an issue. The solution is to change ourselves to be and teach loving action that can then project around us. 

 These unfounded ways to suppress the essence of our children continues until we stop the source of the pain.  Our society promotes shame, fear, and punishment.  Are these loving principles in which to raise children?  They take on the emotional abuse, pain, and dysfunction of their families.  Then when the pain is too much, they either commit suicide or harm others.  This is the way our society has been for generations. 

 It is time to go beyond lip service about loving our children to model real love to our youth.  When you love the child and provide guidance to change inappropriate behaviors, there is real love.  Punishment never changed anything.  Real discipline is offering better ways to be appropriate with others, teaching principles, and how loved they are.  A loved person does not hurt or harm themselves or others.  They are able to contribute to the family and society. 

 It begins with each person seeing the good rather than the bad in themselves and passing that on to seeing the good in their families. In addition, it is time for schools, churches, and society as a whole to reorganize their values. New guidelines are appropriate to achieve a higher consciousness of love. Since like begets like, it is time to transform our lives into loving examples for our youngsters.  ‘Let it begin with me’ is a start to changing our world from this violence. 

 I know from my personal experience of domestic violence, fear, anger and other negative emotions can transform into expressing loving thoughts and behavior.  I have outgrown my family domestic violence, which produced acts of harming others or myself.  Through loving eyes, often I see others today as scared children who are crying out for love. When we love our neighbors as ourselves, only love is our focus and the rest falls away.  It is time for our society to mature into the reality of love.

 A suggestion is to read “The Real Meaning of 2012, A New Paradigm of Bringing Heaven to Earth” on Kindle or download this short book, which offers answers. It is a succinct understanding of living in love versus fear. It offers the ability to choose transforming your life into an inner loving reality.