Despite the vehement protests from Indian public and opposition political parties, the ruling UPA government officially allowed the Foreign Direct Investments into India, in the insurance, pension, multi-brand retail business, aviation, pharamaceuticals etc., areas. Indian fire brand politician Ms.Mamata Banarjee raised hue and cry that U.S. interests are behind pressurising Indian government for permitting FDI into India. But as claimed by UPA government, no U.S. interests are involved in taking a policy decision on permitting FDIs into India, except keeping Indian economic prosperity in view, but majority poor and middile class sections of India are still not convinced over government statements. Because, the word “economic prosperity” is a vague word that can never be defined, measured properly and legitimately, in the state of affairs where prices of consumables, domestic gas, petrol, diseal and taxes are raising twice, thrice in every month without any genuine stability in the economy of the country. But as the government is “necessary evil” for the country, middle class people are bearing all the burdens and hardships on their shoulders. So, relating the word ‘economic development’ to defend the governmental policy to permit FDIs into the country would never be believed by the common man.

Common man should have been told another story by FDI defenders, to convince them. For example: if we permit the FDI into India the United States and other permenant members of security council have assured us the permenant seat in Security Council by this year ending, which is a long pending due for India, especially a promise from United States. Some sections of intellectuals and media analysts are always pleading before the local media that FDIs are an economic and security threat to India. Had the government taken assurances from the United States, which is a primary force behind India allowing FDIs into it, on the permanent seat for India in Security Council, with substantial statements from Obama or other U.S. government agencies as a matter of their policy, probably there would not have been this much of hue and cry by the intellectuals and media on the FDIs permission into India. Despite several hardships even today U.S. is a key nation in the United Nations that is dictating the global economy and security. Today Indian economy has become like a “China Bazaar”, every licence is available for Foreign Investors liberally to invest in the country in every sector, despite environmental threats to India and protests by common man.  Most of the Security Council member nations, both permenant and non-permanent members are if invited to invest into India, as Government has opned the FDI doors, most of those member nations do not oppose permanent seat for India in Security Council. Had this been done prior to permitting FDIs into India – it would be like ‘something lost and some thing gained’ satisfaction to Indians. Now Security Council seat for India has become a day dream, despite permitting FDIs, as both are not linked timely, prior to Obama’s pressure on India.  Even if somebody says that India would be given permanent seat in the Security Council in future that would be like telling a ‘bird story’ to us and ‘hanging palm leaves to our ears’. Common man’s murmuring!!!  By dchaitanya.